Jacob the Orphan Kitten.

THank you, guys.

We haven’t tried to wean him from the gabapentin, yet. He has a thick, sticky medicine from the vet still. I would go see what it is, but he just curled up on my lap and fell asleep. I’m typing one handed, lol!

He seems to have adjusted to the new kitty. His habits have returned to normal, especially the incapacitating snuggle on my lap. :lol:

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Update on Jacob. He is still on gabapentin daily. We think his issue is neurological from falling behind the bales of hay as a tiny kitten and maybe being slightly crushed back there. He has a regular routine now.

Now I have to tell you about the new foster cat…

We swapped the foster kitty that upset Jacob so much for the other one (there were actually two cats that our niece had to find homes for when she went to college). We figured the fat, lazy, one would be less troublesome to Jacob. The feisty one went to my MIL’s house.

This foster kitty, Tiger, is a brown tabby with white markings and odd little tufts on the tips of her ears. Our niece sent her to a friend’s house first and was given free choice food. She was always fat, but that really engorged her. The ‘friend’ then called and said the cat had to go or would be dropped at the pound. My MIL took the cat, but her dog was too aggressive and the cat too fat to run away, so she wanted to swap with us. We swapped cats and I put in a kitty gate in the doorway of MIL’s spare room to give the kitty an escape from the dog, but it was just the fat cat that the dog hated, apparently.

Tiger aka Megacat

I couldn’t believe the size of this animal when I picked her up. It was so sad and she was so dirty. She is HUGE! She was a walking basketball that couldn’t lick her own nethers. She examined by our vet, placed on a diet, and restricted to the spare room for the first month. She was small framed but weighed 18 pounds! Vet said she should lose one pound a month, but no more than 9 pounds total.

We nicknamed her Megacat. She’s been her about two months now and she can lick her own butt. I had to wipe her with an old washcloth until she could take over. We’ve treated her for fleas and brushed her until all the crud is finally gone from her coat. She is sweet. Eight years old, a bit gimpy on one leg, affectionate, and mellow. Jacob is terribly jealous, but he gets along with her fairly well. She has the run of the house now and we feed several times a day, but small meals. She is doing so much better. I should get pictures of her progress and, maybe, her own thread, if you guys think it’s an interesting story?


Yes, please.

I had a kitty that got rather fat and could not wash her own booty. It did not help that she had no neck, either. Seriously, head on shoulders. My vet said she had a neck but it was very short and it didn’t help that she was built like a box.

And how is Jacob?

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Jacob is doing well and acting like his old self, despite the daily medicine. We’re a little worried about long term effects from the medicine, but he is miserable off of it. He will yowl, spin and bite at his tail off of gabapentin. We have tried to tweak it, and the vet has run all kinds of tests, but there is nothing definitive because neuro pain is so tricky to treat. We just know what makes him comfortable.

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