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Jingles for Evil Burrito: 10 years later, gimpy but good!

why is he in? I think they blow them out faster if you let them move around on it.

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Update, vet came out and took some rads, and there it was: a black line through the short pastern bone.

So I cried and called DH and handed the phone over. DH, who probably started banging his head on his desk after disconnecting, discussed the same facts with the vet that I had and agreed that treatment seemed worth a shot. Cast for four weeks, re-xray, re-cast, then if all goes well, a few months without his bff Rory (because they play too rough) for tendons to strengthen… And he should be ok. Possibly have a hitch in his getalong, but perfectly acceptable for a pet.

Sooooooo. A bad update, but vet is optimistic. :frowning:

Awww. :frowning:
Jingles galore for the little fellow, and those who love him.

Oh dang. I am so sorry to hear this about the small evil one :frowning:

He will be the best Evil Burrito With a Hitch In His Giddyup ever!

Dang. Poor buddy.

Jingles for the evil burrito and what twotrudoc said

Sorry OP, I do have you confused with someone else. Hope Odie heals up perfectly!

Aww… poor evil burrito. Jingles for a speedy recovery.

:frowning: poor burrito.

Well poop! I was hoping for a great update today. Jingles for Odie and Rory, who’ll be devastated to lose his little buddy for a few months. The Wee Evil One will be back making mischief before you know it!

My DH laughed over your DH’s description of the “angry donkey” from yesterday. Take pictures and video and share the journey with us, please if that helps. Hugs to you and DH. Hang in there.

Thanks everyone. It’s been an emotional hand grenade today. Pretty much just a “boom.” My poor vet. He was so thankful for the phone to speak to DH…

Poor little Odie! I’m sending lots of jingles to him and to you and DH. What bad luck. hugs


Lots of jingles headed your way.

Well, hell. I’ll keep him in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. I’m guessing his size will be working for him in the healing process?

Jingles for Odie! Donkeys are TOUGH little creatures. I hope he heals up fast!

Poor Odie. Mini Mo and I both send good thoughts and jingles!

Oh no!!! I saw your pic on FB, but missed the prognosis :frowning:

Glad there’s a good chance he’ll be okay, but…aw man! :frowning:

Jingling like crazy for fast and full healing!

Jingles for Odie. Does he have the makings of a good patient?

Well, hell. I’ll keep him in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. I’m guessing his size will be working for him in the healing process?[/QUOTE]

That’s what the vet says. Small size, age, and the fact that beyond being a snuggle donk and playmate for Rory, no “job.” Playmate for Rory may be at an end :(. We’ll see how well he comes through. It would be a shame, because he instigates the playing and loves it, he really bonded to Rory.

As for him being a good patient, he’s really too small to make a bad one. Right now he has a whole 12x12 stall to himself, bedded, with water, a tub of hay, and getting soaked alf pellets with some electrolytes once a day. I don’t honestly know what to feed him because he was never fed, just got Rory scraps and turn out… But he can see out, and the vet said he should start putting some weight on the cast in a couple days to give the other leg a break. As long as he is happy and has a quality of life, I’ll keep trying and spending time with him. I suppose the timing couldn’t be better, I’m not riding a lot right now.

We had a 14 year old horse with similar injury, except he broke one wing of the coffin bone.
He also was in a cast twice.
There is not much you can do but give it support and time.

At least now you have a definite diagnosis and treatment.:slight_smile: