Lost One unexpectedly update post 21

My cat Silver passed away Friday. I was completely blindsided. I knew she was elderly but it just seems like it was too soon. We had been fighting a running battle with an ear infection (not helped by the fact that Jack kept agitating at it and getting her ear all spitty and nasty) but I noticed on Tuesday she didn’t look quite right. Refused all meals both Wednesday and Thursday so called vet on Thursday morning and was able to get her in Friday morning. Vet found a fist sized mass in her abdomen and LSS, she’s not a candidate for surgery at 19 and with possibility of shaky cardiac and lab values - I let her go.

I miss her so. She was Miss Quiet except for when she liked to drag her favorite toy thru the house in the small hours of the morning, howling the whole time. She only wanted to be petted when I was in the bathroom - I guess she figured since I was “occupied” I was safe. She had taken to sleeping on my bed and actually wanting to come up for a couple of quick pats before scurrying off to the corner. I had just bought her a whole box of her favorite food so now whenever I open the cupboard there it is reminding me of her like the empty cat bed in my window seat. Jack really misses her; he went thru the house last night muttering to himself and trying to curl up with the other cats like he used to snug up with her.

RIP Silver Bear 2002 - 2021.


I’m so very sorry for your loss. We’re never ready to lose them, so there is no way to prepare for the loss. My hugs and prayers go out to you, Jack and your extended family.


I’m so very sorry. The price we pay for love is heartbreak.

I’m sure you know that it takes time for the memories to become fond and sweet, instead of sharp and painful.

Hang in there until that day. :heart:


So sorry for your loss. She sounds like a character and clearly had a long and wonderful life.

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Hugs to you @shiloh …. Your Silver Bear was well and truly loved and will be deeply missed. She lives on in your :heart:

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I am so sorry for your loss. They are never with us for long enough.


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I am so sorry for your loss of Silver. Those oldsters really work their way into our hearts. Hugs to you and Jack.

My old lady cat will get extra scritchies today.

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I am so sorry. We’re never ready to lose them, and when it happens suddenly, it’s worse, somehow.

My last old cat is still going strong at 16 or 17 (I’ve lost count), but I am always watching her for signs of - anything, really. But they’re so stoic, that sometimes we can’t see it until it’s too late.


I’m so sorry for you loss. Sounds like a life well lived. Nineteen is a grand old age for a cat. Well done!

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So sorry @shiloh! Sending (((((HUGS)))))!

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@shiloh I’m so sorry and so sad to hear this. I’m still grieving for Dewey so I’m going through it too. Silver had a long, wonderful life and you were a wonderful mom to her. It’s so hard to lose them. Things aren’t the same without them. Wishing you peace, comfort, and healing. :heart:

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So sorry @shiloh, wishing you peace and healing.

RIP Silver Bear.

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So sorry for your loss Shiloh. Once upon a time I had a nice kitty named Silver also. Sounds like your Silver was lady of the house and had a long, wonderful life with you. Lots of hugs for you and Jack.

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@shiloh, I’m so sorry for your loss. 19 is a wonderfully long life for a cat, but yet not long enough.


Jingles for healing for you and the rest of your kitty crew, especially Jack.

RIP Silver.

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Thanks guys. I feel like I have been punched in the gut. And frankly I would rather have been. That I can deal with. It’s funny …strange odd whatever…but you really start to notice the holes where they were. The little empty beds or the spots they hung out in, the dishes that get put away…this shit sucks.


I used to hold the door open when I got home, for my dog to come in, when he was no longer there. It is a like a punch in the gut. Hang in there.

I try to remember Tennyson’s feeling, that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

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It does suck. Last night I was almost asleep and thought I felt Jellybean jump up on the bed, but no.

I think Snickers misses him too. She has started doing things she never did, but he did. Like howling/yowling with a catnip toy in her mouth and waking me up for breakfast if I dare to oversleep.

Hang in there. It slowly gets better, but until it does it stinks.


@shiloh, how are you?

Wishing you peace and comfort. (((Hugs)))


Hanging in. Thanks for asking. (where’s the sad smile icon?)


So sorry for your loss.