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Meet Matilda! Comparison pictures 9/1

We needed a horse for our son, but we had a rather limited budget and were okay with a project.

This mare is 12 years old. Apparently, she’s a Medicine Hat, blue roan overo paint. The owner found her starving at this guy’s farm and took her home. She had her teeth done and has fed her up some already (got her past the “will she even survive” stage). She was going to keep rehabbing her but had some unexpected vet bills with her other horses, so she offered her at a reasonable price.

We did what we could to test her temperament and she seems easy going enough to work with. A little buddy sour. We expect she’ll get more energetic as she gains weight. Our plan is ground work until she gains more. Her diet was free choice round bale and some oats. We’re maintaining the free choice hay and giving her a little alfalfa and senior mixed until the vet sees her on Monday. The vet can recommend a feeding plan. She is quarantined. The flies were bothering her quite a bit, so she is happier with her mask and a generous amount of fly spray.

I know there are much better ways to buy a horse, but sometimes, you just got to throw one a lifeline before they sink. The owner was relieved when we said we’d take her. Good family. They just got into a tight spot trying to help a few more.

Pictures, anyone?


Meet Matilda. I don’t know if she waltzes.


What a sweet-looking girl! Glad she has a soft place to land and hoping she turns into just what you need once she’s fat, happy and shiny!

PS, LOVE the name.


I’ve never been one for blue eyes and pink noses, but here we are. :rofl: I’ll see what precautions the vet recommends in our area to prevent cancer. She is really beat up. Shared a small pen other mares who were bigger and stronger. Some of that could be from where she came from. The people we bought her from hadn’t had her that long.


Another picture of her markings.


Oh yay!

Here in NC, pink noses have an issue with sunburn. If you don’t want to do daily applications of sunscreen or zinc oxide, consider a fly mask with a long nose.

I look forward to her transformation!


Thank you! I’ll look for one.

I’m sure she’ll blossom with your care and attention. :+1:

Keep an eye on her white legs, too. Until I got into Paints, I had no idea how susceptible some of them are to fly issues with all that pink skin on their lower legs. SWAT, Desitin (zinc cream) and a decent non-irritative fly spray can be your friends.

Congrats and I love her name, too!


I use bullfrog sunscreen on this:

He’s not a fan, but it beats a sunburnt nose
DH’s pinknosed strawberry roan got burned so badly it peeled & he had trouble eating hay :disappointed_relieved:

Matilda looks sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have Waltzing Matilda going through my head now. My parents used to sing that together. :revolving_hearts:

Congratulations on the new addition to the family! If you haven’t been following the Bo thread, I’m sure @Heinz_57 can share some of her re-feeding adventures. Hopefully you have as sweet an addition to the herd.


Ohhh what a beauty. Groceries… a full nose fly mask. Some sunscreen or zinc oxide. Mostly groceries. She’s lovely.


I’ll check that out.

It’s one heck of an inspirational thread if nothing else. :wink:


It sure is. How old did Bo turn out to be? The teeth didn’t seem to match up with what the vet said.

These were taken before she came to our farm. Same day. With the light, you can really see how skinny she is. She must have been much worse if they’ve been feeding her for a month.


Oh that poor mare. Thank you for giving her a chance! Please keep us updated on her progress.


I love the name, and I hope she turns out to be a sweetie! I bet she’ll be beautiful once she gets some additional weight.

You might think about a fly sheet for her. I don’t how hot your climate is, but the flysheet will typically provide better protection that the spray, although you’ll still need to spray the legs. A lot of fly sheets also provide some UV protection, and as pale as she is, you probably want that.

Many fly masks also provide UV protection, so when you go to buy one with a nose, you should check that too.

Good luck with her!


We ordered shoo fly boots for her. They’ll be here Tuesday. She getting hand grazed twice daily by her owner (our son). She is getting used to fly spray twice daily. She’s still a little afraid of it. This afternoon, as she grazed in the shade, I put soothing ointment on all her many wounds and scrapes while our son scratched her favorite spots. She sighed contently.

Our vet is coming out in the morning and we’ll get her all sorted out and on an official re-feeding program. She dribbles and drools her grain, so her teeth are first on the list. She needs vaccines, a fecal, blood tests, and whatever else the vet recommends after eyeballing her.

Dang, she’s skinny.


She is skinny now but she’s going to look fabulous soon!

She got a soft landing and I’m sure she’s much happier already. Pretty girl!