Men's Riding Wear!

Howdy :raised_hand: been riding at a English barn (hunter / jumper) for a little over a year now and am definitely enjoying this little equine journey of mine :slightly_smiling_face:. After around 6 months my trainer recommended that I get myself some proper tack i.e., tall riding boots / chaps and breeches. Since I see myself riding for quite some time I went ahead and got myself measured up at a tack shop about 6 months ago and kept the dimensions. Towards the end of 2020 I had some extra free time and went ahead and purchased a pair of breeches and Ariat Field Boots. Due to COVID my only option was to online order.

Keeping that in mind I wanted to get some feedback on the tack fit and find out whether I should look at a possible size change before I walk into the barn and look a little silly :laughing: If you ask me the breeches and boots feel fine.

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The boots look great! The boot height will drop a little bit after they break in, but they look tall enough that they’ll still be good when that happens.
The breeches also look great, but maybe a bit more snug than guys usually go for. If you find them to be comfortable and not restricting, then you are good to go!

Welcome to the rabbit hole!


I agree with above. The boots look perfect. I think most guys would go up a size in the pants but that’s up to your preference and comfort.

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Probably the majority of men riding here in the UK prefer a style that has tucks in the front, a lot less stretchy. As an example, look up Mark Todd.

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Men’s riding wear. Horses wear tack.

I think the boots should be around an inch taller so they end up about where they are now. Once these boots drop, they will be too short. Are those men’s boots? I think Ariat makes field boots for men.

I think you should try men’s breeches in the next size up. Those Tuff Rider breeches appear to be women’s which are a little too snug. Typically, men’s breeches have pockets of some sort in the rear and the zipper tab faces the other direction.

Good luck with your shopping.

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We always bought men’s breeches a size or two larger than they normally wore. Son and husband did not like “painted on” breeches for riding. The stretchy fabric with a tight fit, felt very constricting they said. Both guys rode for fun, trail riding, jumping, hunter trials, hunt paces. Lots of saddle time.

There is a lot of differences to getting men comfortable riding, in the English disciplines. You probably should find an experienced male instructor to talk to about fitting your boots, breeches, saddle when you decide to get one. Subtle differences can be painful during rides! I hate seeing guys dressed like women as English riders, tight breeches and all!!

Trakehner was a man, so a search of his old posts might share some useful information with you. He could “be a bit sharp” in his remarks when impatient, so don’t take it personally. He was good at sharing information too. I do miss his posting comments!

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I’ve personally never had a pair of Ariat’s with a zipper drop an entire inch. Pull-ons, sure.

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Ariat recommends adding one inch to the boot height for a drop allowance on their website for tall boot fit. :wink:

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Title changed lol.

Thank you for the input.

Yes these are Ariat men’s field boots (Heritage Contour Field Zip Tall Riding Boot - slim calf / medium height). I think the problem I had with boots was calf width, unfortunately the taller version of these boots with the same calf width (i.e. slim calf / tall height) were impossible to put on. The zipper would go just past half way up, that was with assistance and trying to use heel lifts. The wider calf version with the taller height (regular calf / tall height) didn’t fit well.

As far as the breeches go these are men’s breeches:

I generally wear a size 30 so I did size up for these particular breeches to a 32, looks likes I might have to size up to a 34. Although I do feel fine in this pair (flexible / comfortable). In addition to riding I do go to the gym every day so my quads / hamstrings may be a little bigger than the average lad.

:laughing: tight pants / jeans are the trend so :man_shrugging:

Sweet :+1:t2:. I’ve not added an inch to the height of any of my three pairs or Ariat Heritage boots, and didn’t need to, they only dropped like 1/4-1/2”.

OP if you squat down/bend your knees like you’re in two-point, and the top of the boots have a slight crease at the back of your knee, they’re the right height, as that allows for a typical drop in the ankle. If you bend your knees and they kind of poof out and don’t crease and dig into the back or your knee they’re too tall. If they’re not up to the back of your knee at all, they’re too short. Smartpak has a good video on YouTube to demonstrate.

All what you just said is true about these boots :smiley: I think they’re the right measurements. I originally bought a pair that were the same boot model with slim calf / tall height (these ones are slim calf / medium height) and I could not for the life of me get them on even at the tack shop with assistance and heel lifts, this was a few months ago now before I exchanged them for this pair. Thanks for the help!

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Very good, sounds like you’re ready to go!

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As a guy, I prefer the cut of men’s Pikeur breeches. I think most companies tend to simply modify women’s breeches to men’s sizes. I judge how well my clothing fits not by appearances but by how well I can ride in them. There is an excessive emphasis on dress and appearances in the horse world these days. And none of it makes you a better rider or horseman.

The Pikeur breeches tend to hold my genitalia while allowing freedom of movement without binding. I prefer briefs as well underneath. This works well for me over the big fences. I don’t want to be worried about the pommel on the backside of a 6’ fence or when setting in from a gallop to canter on approach.

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I think the sizing “issue” is that cotton-blend breeches are naturally a bit more “clingy” than other materials. (I’m a woman, but I avoid them for this reason.) If you feel fine in them, I wouldn’t worry about it, but you’ll see that a pair like these ( with some nylon will avoid that hug-every-curve look.

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Cheers for the input RAyers. The Pikeur breeches do look nice as well, will definitely look into them too. To be honest the TuffRider ones feel pretty good, no complaints on my end but then again I haven’t ridden in them so we shall see. Appreciate the reply :muscle:

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Yes; Men’s breeches typically have back pockets and the zipper fly fold for the men’s breeches is to the right side of the body.

You might try women’s field boots. If they will fit your foot. They might work better for a longer slimmer calf.

My husband likes the Horze (Equinavia) Grand Prix breeches. Maybe try these as well.

I hate to say this, but men’s riding wear is seriously lacking. Good luck! It took forever for my husband to find styles that would work for him. Boots were terrible for him to find off the rack. He’s not as tall, so the boots that had his foot size often were too tall for him. He ended up with a pair of Tucci’s (Harley). But he used up a few birthdays and Christmases on that purchase. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: