My vet can't find cisplatin beads -- anyone else having this issue?

No longer available through Wedgewood Pharmacy, which was the go-to for every vet I’ve been able to reach. Does anyone have any leads?

Did you try Rood and Riddle’s pharmacy?

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They have the injectable cisplatin, but not the beads. :frowning_face:

This happened when my vet was looking and then miraculously wedgewood had them again. It was a few months later. They seem to come on and off the market.

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The manufacturer (Royer) is running a clinical trial. Your vet may be able to enroll your horse if they contact them. Last I heard they said they are looking for a new distributor but right now they are not available for purchase.

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Too lazy to Google, what is this and what is it used for?

Chemotherapy for skin tumors like sarcoids and melanomas.

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Thank you!

We used regular injectable cisplatin mixed in clear sesame oil, after allowing a few weeks for healing after using a few weeks of imiquimod cream. There was an article on cisplatin that I googled, that explained how to mix it. My horse had a tumor that was either a sarcoid or a neurofibrosarcoma, according to the pathologist. The tumor has not recurred.