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New Easycare glue-on shoes

He really is looking happy to go forward. Good job.


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Yesterday I participated in a FB live discussion hosted by Valley Vet supply and featuring the designers and manufacturer of these shoes. I won a new pair of the 3D shoes and some glue for being in on the chat so I guess I’ll keep experimenting! :grinning:


How are the 3D shoes different from the Versa’s?

They have a much thinner profile much like a regular shoe and integrated frog support. The octos are very thick more like a boot.

Horse #1 got a new set of Versa Octos today. His first set lasted two days shy of his scheduled date for pulling them and trimming at five weeks. He lost one in the field and I couldn’t find it so I ordered a brand new pair. Ugh.

I’m happier with this fitting and I made a few changes. The farrier really addressed the flare on his feet so the tabs this time laid flat instead of needing to curve to fit his foot. I had several tabs pop loose during his last cycle which I had various luck reglueing, so I’ll be interested to see how having a smoother fit with the tabs makes a difference in longevity.

I also roughed up the inside of the tabs with a dremel tool and cleaned them with denatured alcohol. I cleaned the feet really well with denatured alcohol and had the horse standing in baby diapers for a couple hours in the stall to help dry them prior to application. Then followed the procedure of wire brushing and blow dryer three times.

I used the easycare glue accelerator along with the superglue this time. It made things so much easier in the glue process. I sprayed accelerator on the hoof wall, put superglue on each tab, and pressed down. Instant seal. I wrapped with heavy duty shrink wrap as before.

I also used clear nitrile gloves instead of blue, which aesthetically leaves a prettier finish. The blue gloves left dabs of blue on the tabs when they got stuck. A small thing but it makes me happy.

Lastly, I sealed the whole hoof wall with superglue after I finished everything else. Simply spread a layer of glue over the whole hoof then sprayed with accelerator. I ended up with a much more attractive finished product. Hopefully the pony likes it as well, he was not comfortable spending a couple days barefoot again.

Important note: This horse is crooked from the ankles down. Seen from the front he looks like this

/ \

This is not caused by poor trimming, it’s a genetic issue he’s had since birth.


I did it - took the plunge and got the shoes on. Took him for an immediate jog down the road (ashphalt) and he was floaty. Now I’m really looking forward to a ride to see how he does.

The hinds are too big, unfortunately. Some of the tabs won’t stick and upon closer inspection I either measured before I trimmed him or just mis-measured because they’re a hair too wide so the tabs have to reach too far to stick. But for the cost of them no big deal, I’ll see how long they stay on him like this and have another pair at the ready.

They look like hell because I didn’t clean my work space well enough, I managed to get bits of plastic wrap stuck to everything (I just used saran wrap - food grade, because the local store didn’t have the packing kind I assume you’re supposed to do) but they’re on and they stayed that way over night! So here’s hoping they are the trick that allows me to continue being his hoofcare provider (I have 0 interest in learning to nail on a shoe) AND take him to shows where you never know what the footing is. :fingers:


Good luck! I love the way my horse goes in these but keeping them on has been a real challenge! I’m re-glueing tabs every other day. I’m wondering if my horse’s conformation causes undue stress load and flex that makes the glue fail. Let me know how yours fare!

Will do! The friend who uses them extensively isn’t having any reported issues with the tabs coming unstuck, but now having put them on I can see that any irregularity in wall (flares) would pose a potential problem. Too much leverage/stress on the tab to stay glued.

I’m now using the “regular” glue on versas - not the many tabs, just the two bigger plastic pieces with holes in them. They are the first thing that has actually stayed on my horse that nothing stays on (even other kinds of glue ons), it’s amazing. Farrier put them on, not me, but I could definitely re-glue myself if one did come off.

I’ve been really impressed with them & I’ve used a lot of different kinds of shoes and boots over the years. Both my horses are wearing them up front now & everyone is comfy. :slight_smile: We just reset the first pair, going to see how they do on reset. Hoof wall looked much improved (we went this route bc his wall was crappy, nothing really to nail to at the time).

What type of glue are you using with the cuffs instead of the tabs?

Good question, I will have to ask my farrier. I believe it is whatever glue EasyCare recommends. So if wanted to do it yourself, you would need to order the glue. But the other thing I really like about them is you glue them when the foot is on the ground, which is just easier on you & the horse!

This is really interesting because my farrier was out last week and said she’d like to try the glue-on shoes for my senior gelding who is generally uncomfortable in shoes, but now needs the support in his senior years. I’m not sure which ones she is considering, but I’m encouraged to read that I could attach them myself rather than pay for the farrier to do it - although it sounds like a long process!

It’s not at all really, just takes some coordination.

My guys are still on 3 days later, popped tabs on hinds and all. He lives out with a run in stall (matted and bedded) and turned out on grass a bit each day. So flies, mud, etc. I may be seeing things but I swear I’m seeing expansion in the heel bulbs of his right front already (wishful thinking??)

Next time I’ll have a spotless work area, nitrile gloves and better plastic wrap. Otherwise I’m pretty impressed!

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Ok, understanding that my bar is incredibly low… I rode this morning for the first time since putting on the shoes and it was like a weight was lifted off both of our shoulders. It was in their dry lot - so not footing that I would ever ride on barefoot because it’s too hard packed and he wouldn’t have been happy (it ranges from lovely and soft to hard and dry depending on weather). But I intentionally rode there to a) avoid any possible wet grass problems and b) see how he trotted on that footing that he would say no way to (barefoot) before.

Non-issue. He trotted around like he was in a rubber filled indoor.

I’m excited about these shoes. Honestly, if I had to re-set bi-weekly, I’ll still be excited about these shoes. If they have the longevity of boots, the ease of application, and the protection of steel/aluminum shoes without the need for nails… and they are flexible on the foot, they’re a game changer for me.


Do they have a wedge ?

I read on their site that for horses with irregular hoof shape, the versa grip glue (with the big tabs) is better than the octo. I put my haflinger in the versa grips after he shredded his walls after the horrible winter we had. He has super narrow feet, even though the walls have recovered. The first 2 months, he threw a shoe right around 4 weeks, but that farrier didn’t do the full prep. With a new farrier who really prepped well and used a ton of glue, the shoes stayed on for a solid 5 weeks. We tried the next size up since the walls looked like they were expanding. He threw a shoe at just before 5 weeks. So lesson learned - go with the snug fit, make sure to really prep the walls and use lots of glue if there are gaps between tabs and wall. The grip glue is more expensive application wise. The bond/acrylic glue is more expensive, you need a gun for the tube and technically you should have a new tip for each shoe unless you can manage to dispense glue for more than 1 shoe in the time it takes for it to start curing.


Irregular hoof shape, especially flares, do make the the tab shoes a harder fit.

That said, I couldn’t bare not knowing what was going on under the shoes any more (plus I’m trying to correct underrun heels and need to bring the toe back frequently) so I pulled them off and re-set. I was worried I’d see thrush, but none! The feet looked great. I did get lazy and didn’t do the full prep and take my time so they don’t look the greatest, but they went back on just fine. I think I’ve learned the key is the plastic wrap. Wrap it tight and leave the wrap on a good long while to let the glue cure.

I am going to invest in the buffy for the prep. And I think I’ve seen some topline improvements with the 24/7 protection. These things are amazing. Kudos to easycare for always innovating.

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