New farm two pregnant barn kitties. New pics 7/20

Thanks for the info! I hope these kittens go fast.

Update. The first mama cat is doing well in the silo. We failed twice to carry the other pregnant mama in there. We’re pre-staging a crate near the door she begs from every night. Hoping to scoop and deposit her inside and get her into the silo. Flea treatment tomorrow with food upgrade. We’ll also replace their old beds with clean, new ones for babies. Maybe only a few weeks away. They are bulging with kittens, lol. Pictures soon.


We caught her! Both are locked up with kitten food, water, litter boxes, and beds. Once the orange girl settles in a little, we’ll do some housekeeping in there. It’s so windy today that the door would blow open if we weren’t careful.

Both girls are pregnant (previous farm owner said they had a month to go…not sure how he knows that, lol). That was almost two weeks ago.

Here’s the grey kitty (the mother to the orange).

And her daughter with extra toes.

They need names. :grinning:


They are sweet. It is so kind of you to take care of them. We look forward to seeing kitten pictures soon!


Judy and Liza? Thinking of famous mother-daughter duos.


Sophia and Dorothy.

They look pretty well cared for but here’s to an upgrade. Hoping they don’t have a zillion kittens.
I mean, nice for us - we get to see pictures (and who doesn’t love pictures of kittens?) but the care and feeding - eekk.


To me they look like Ginger (the ginger/orange) and Molly.


Not sure about a name for the sweet gray but how about Poly for the ginger, a play on her polydactyl paws


I like Polly, that works!

The grey is an elegant mama cat with a lustrous coat, despite the cheap cat food she’s been on until now. Not sure about her age, but she’s had several litters. She’s not a Russian Blue, but her coat is so nice that maybe she needs a Russian name anyway.

I must say something about Ralph, the barn cat we brought with us. As a former Tom, he has a way with the ladies and charmed the feral spayed female we had at our old farm. I’m hoping to keep him in the workshop and bring these two ladies in to stay with him once their kittens are weaned and they’re recovering from their spay. I’m hoping they’ll all bond into a new, altered, mouse fighting team.

As for the two feral toms now roaming, I don’t want to keep them here. I don’t like having cats that I can’t regularly vaccinate. They need to get altered and sent to a colony. I also don’t want them hurting Ralph.


We decided on Louisa for the grey. No idea why, lol.

Hubby is picking up Frontline for the ladies today. We’re going to clean up their silo and replace their bedding with fresh pet towels. Meant to do it before now, but we were recovering from Covid.


I hope you both are feeling better!

Thanks! We’re recovering slowly. Stupid cough and headache now.


We got them all taken care of. They loved the new blankets and didn’t even react to the flea treatment. Good kitties.


Miss Louisa had her babies last night. She chose the cat crate with a very soft blanket for her spot. We closed the door for pictures because the other pregnant kitty, Polly, was going in and out. The crate has a top door, which made it easy.

Looks like three total. Two orange and white and one black and white tabby. Squirming and nursing happily. Louisa was happy for attention and let us touch her babies, so far.


I’m thinking Star Wars names since it’s May 4th


Congratulations Miss Louisa, your babies are very cute!

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You’re a day early, moonlit :wink:


We had some drama.

Polly is Louisa’s daughter. She pushed the kittens out this afternoon.

So, we pulled her out of the crate, put the kittens back in with their mama, closed the crate, and moved Louisa and babies into a dog crate in the garage. Here’s the new set up.

We comforted Polly and she’s all set up in the silo still.

Much better now.


The black and white kitten has orange splotches, so female calico. Orange kitties are usually male, so, Leia, Luke and Han? Yeah, a day early, lol but why not?


Might as well. They can’t read the calendar anyway.

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