Now this Just Ticks Me Off!

My husband just bought four pairs of Wrangler jeans that had to be special ordered in his size. What did he pay per pair you ask? $24.95. The last time I bought Wranglers was about a year ago and paid at least $60 for one pair of Q-baby which are much like the 13MWZ that he bought. Why is there such a disparity in price between men’s and women’s jeans? Makes me angry that women are expected to pony up (no pun intended) for riding jeans but men get to pay less than half that price for the same thing!

Rant over.


So buy men’s jeans and wear those?


I would but they don’t fit in (ahem) certain areas.


The same thing? I find that women’s pants are often much lighter weight fabric for more moolah! How is that fair at all?!

(I also can’t wear the mens, so frustrating!)


I guess that makes them different. :wink:


Well they’re pretty close to the same thing and like Simki said, woman’s are lighter weight fabric and they don’t offer the shrink to fit line.

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Way back in the dark ages of the late 70’s early 80’s my absolute favorite jeans were the Levi 501 button fly shrink-to-fit. Back then they came in women’s sizes and were the exact same material as the men’s. I loved those jeans.


I loved the 501s too!


Depends on where you go. We have a Lee/Wrangler outlet (used to be Vanity Fair). I’ve purchased all of my jeans and khakis there (and at the larger one a little further away which just closed) for my whole adult life. Never paid more than $30 and regularly get pairs for $5-10. What they have varies and can be kind of random, but I have bought Q-Babies from there.

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I usually find men pay less for shoes, boots, jackets, shirts indeed, many things. So I find e.g. a jacket I like and then go to look for the same or similar style in the men’s version. I’m fortunate in being average size because that means a big overlap between women and men in terms of sizes if not price.


The zippers on men’s pants are always waaayyyy too long.

Edit: Not jeans, but for coveralls, I had trouble finding a pair of women’s FR while overseas - I had torn the ones I came with so it was urgent. Bought a pair of men’s out of desperation. I called them my speed limit clothes - they hung down so far the crotch was around my knees and made me walk like a penguin! I also frequently would have to stop while ascending a ladder to hike them up. Ugh!!

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Wrangler, like most jean manufacturers, have many lines of jeans. Some cost more. Some cost less. Though this does not fit with the ‘we are not treated fairly’ rant, most likely what happened here is your husband bought a line that is more cost affective and the line you buy is one of their higher end lines.

Am I the only one who has never heard of this ‘shrink to fit’ styling?

When Wrangler stopped making simple women’s cowboy cut jeans, I switched to Levi’s boot cut. 529s fit me best.


My riding jeans come from thrift shops or clearance racks. My favorite pair (that of course I look horrible in lol!) have buttons on the pockets. Maybe I should look into men’s cargo jeans. All my jeans are thinner material- not fun when Dobbin decides to bolt right through a jagger bush because why oh why go around like all the normal, sane horses? Then again I’m tempted to save up and invest in some good leather riding chaps no matter how silly I’d look.

Our farm store carries Wrangler jeans and depending on the style they range from $24-$60+ so I don’t think there is any issue to get upset over.

My son got some that were special ordered to his size and they were $ 42 a pair . Just like the in store sizes are priced.

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I don’t ride in jeans, I ride in breeches (that cost ~$90 each of course but I love them). But the jeans I wear for farm work are American Eagle, believe it or not. They have two styles I like, one is a high rise and the other is medium rise. Both wear great, my two year old pair that were my favorite just busted out the crotch/booty, which I discovered getting IN the car AFTER running errands in town :woman_facepalming:t4: and are comfortable. The more “attractive” style on me has really small front pockets, and for some reason the bottom hems all folded up so I have to dump out grass clippings and stall bedding before going taking them off, but otherwise totally worth it. And not expensive!

Those Wrangler shrink to fit jeans are like cardboard off the shelf. I just bought DH several pair for $20/each but there is hardly any shape to them (he’s not as skinny as he used to be and now they just look silly but it’s all he will wear)(think parachute pants lol).

I log as many miles on the horses and mountains as he does in my $20 walmart jeans and if anything I’m more comfortable. Mine last as long and neither of us have holes in our britches from trees/etc.

I wore a lot of Carhartt jeans too, slightly heavier fabric, but honestly I’m down to walmart stretchy jeans and half chaps and doing fine. I’m happy to not have a yard of extra heavy fabric on my legs (like he does) and a little stretch and a lighter fabric for the same price.

I also miss the 501’s!

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For some reason, I’m imagining baking them in the oven like Shrinky-Dinks.:rofl:


They used to be all the guys wore in ranch country, which is why my husband won’t change now. Levi’s were shrink to fit at one point too.

The dryer is the oven that shrinky dinks them lol

Around here, working on farms and ranches, driving a tractor, working cattle or training horses, many men and women wear Wrangler’s heavyweight cowboy cut stretch denims.
I know some couples that both DH and DW both wear the same size, so wear each other’s jeans.
They have a regular and slim fit.
I wear the slim fit (937) ones in those, have used those jeans for several decades.
Most western and feed stores carry those, including Tractor Supply.

I have tried all along others, but they just don’t wear like these.