Oh no, I've fallen in love with my OTTB project (Jumped his first line, post 47!)

Partially tongue-in-cheek because I love all my horses, but I really love this one.

I have posted about him a bit, but at the end of April, my latest OTTB endeavor came to me from Kentucky. The middleman he came from was, well, less than forthcoming, and he came incredibly foot- and body-sore, with the worst hack shoe job I’ve seen in my life. For a horse that was intended to be my RRP horse or be a quick sell, I was a little “WTF have I done?!” Not something I usually feel with my resell projects.

But there was something about him that gave me the much-needed patience to pull his shoes for a couple of months, let him have some Robaxin smoothies, and wait. And now I’m so glad I did because I have the quietest, simplest OTTB I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

I recapped our dressage show outing last month, and since then, we’ve started flatwork in earnest, some very good pole work, and added some tiny jumps to the mix. On Saturday, we went to a very nice local show and did two under-saddle classes. He did not bat an eye at a single thing, even having to show in a strange indoor ring that he didn’t get to school in. Our first canter transition was a little frazzled (first under saddle class, I get it, buddy!), but the judge came up to us afterward and said what a nice horse he was and how the transition bobble was such a shame because his trot work was so “fantastic.” :relaxed: I swear it made me teary—that, and the one-of-a-kind Sally Ike (who you’ll see in the photo below) admiring him and complimenting him and presenting him his second ribbon of the day with a warm pat.

I just cannot wait for RRP and the future with this horse. :smiley:


What a gorgeous guy!!! Hope you hang on to him for a while :slight_smile:

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You look lovely, both of you.

What’s his breeding?

He is by Mr. Speaker, out of Fusaichi Pegasus mare. I loved him on paper before he came: https://www.pedigreequery.com/mr+eleventh+hour


Very nice!

The Fusaichi Pegasus quirky temperament doesn’t seem to have been passed to him. Why not keep him? He’ll have a good life with you.

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I love this!

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I had heard the FuPegs could be quirky and I guess he is a funny horse in that he is kicking quiet and then gets turned out in his paddock every day and squeals, snorts, and bucks no matter how tired he is. So maybe he just holds it in for us humans for appearances? :joy:

Keeping them forever, unfortunately, isn’t usually part of the business plan buuuuut I have a feeling with his good mind and looks, he will become quite useful to my trainer in the barn down the road once he gets more miles on him. :crossed_fingers:


It sounds like he’s a great horse with a good personality. I hope you have fun with him before he leaves you.

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Well then, him being such a sweetheart should make it easier to bring him to the point where he’s ready for someone else to fall in love :wink:

Very handsome guy :heart_eyes:


His picture oozes kindness. Quite lovely.


I always love reading about people loving their horses. It just warms my heart. It’s what this is truly all about in my mind. I say you keep him if you can. :slight_smile:


Hah, now you’re a sucker like the rest of us. My front yard is full of failed TB resale projects. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Years ago when I thought I was still in the resale game, I was at a clinic when another trainer came up to me and offered to buy the TB I was on. I had gotten this TB from the track specifically as a resale, but as I was sitting on his back contemplating her offer, I realized I liked him and would miss looking through his cute little ears too much. He stayed with us until he passed, and was the type of horse that just lit up a barn. The barn is not the same with him gone. Sometimes despite our best intentions there’s a special horse that just sticks!

Can’t wait for more updates, and have a blast at RRP!


Sometimes the right horse finds you. I truly believe that.


This is exactly why I don’t do this anymore. My late husband and I did this, but when I lost him, I realized I couldn’t do it. :grinning:


So sorry for your loss. :heart: :hugs:


We had a grandson of Seattle Slew who went fox hunting the first month we had him. He had a fabulous brain. And, of course, he’d come off the track in great shape.


Thank you!

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I think you are very, very right. No way in hell I’d have bought this horse had I known he needed two months barefoot in the field to be rideable… And look what I’d have missed out on. It also turns out that his track connections (who I didn’t know until after buying him) are lovely and always believed he was going to be special. They will come see him in Kentucky!

He jumped his first grid today! Pole to flower box to crossrail, didn’t think twice even when we added flowers to the crossrail the last time. Then landed and popped off a perfect lead change before lazily going back to the walk. :rofl:


I think this one is staying in your barn for sure. :slight_smile:


My favorite COTH thread in a loooong time because I adore the GoPonyToShowPony set and believe the Makeover is not only the happiest horse show on earth BUT the best thing to happen to OTTB’s. Congratulations on being patient with that lovely horse, have fun in Kentucky and please, update us with photos.