Ollie is gone

So I had to take one of my herd to the vet because he was very sore in his hind end and only wants to creep about the house. The vet examined him while I waited in the car (that’s so annoying but that’s another story for another time) and when the tech returned him to me said the vet had found he had a retained retina. I have never heard of this and cannot find anything on the internet. I did find references to detached retina. Vet did not return my call to clarify (well, they WERE busy so I get it). So has anyone ever heard of this?

I will say that last night he had his head turned at just the right angle and I did notice the the light shining in his eye did give me somewhat of a view into his eye and I noticed it looked very red and angry inside the eyeball.

If anyone has any info let me know but please no pictures. Eyes just gross me out big time.

As soon as I can get clarification of this I will have them refer me to opthamologist. I just want to be better informed.

Did they NOT give you an invoice or record of your visit. Sometimes they put the diagnosis on that and recommended treatment. Maybe you misheard what the term was.
Yeah, I’d want to clarify also and their suggested treatment.


And the vet did not call you during the visit? That’s how they work here - you are in the car but the vet calls to ask questions before the exam…then calls back at the end of the exam to tell you the findings.

And they just sent you home? “Here’s your dog, he has a problem. Bye.”

That’s really bizarre.

I would assume it is a detached retina, but there may be differences in the description based on the amount of detachment. Hope you get a follow up call today. Also, since retina injuries can be trauma based - there may be a connection between the hind end soreness. Did the dog fall on ice, hit by car, jump off furniture and tumble?


No mishearing on my part. I think that when the news gets relayed from vet to tech to owner something gets slipped up. I asked her repeatedly “Retained retina?” and she kept saying yes. They won’t allow owners in yet and there was no diagnosis on paperwork. This vet only works weekends and between that and my idiotic schedule, haven’t had a chance to clarify.

@S1969 - that is what I am wondering now. I went to bed at midnight and at 6am he came in my room hiding from other cat. So he was playful and happy before midnight and not in the AM. Didn’t hear anything in the night and he is indoor kitty only. I have no idea what could have happened. I think since I brought him in for another problem maybe they thought this could be considered side issue? Seems more important than that, right? I called them this morning to get the referral in place. I may also have to have him back in this weekend. I think they got complacent here as so many other pet owners just accept what they are told.

i would suggest a second opinion, consider internal medicine specialist or ophthalmologist.

If you pet is hemorrhaging into the orbit this is urgent.

Call on your own power, do not wait for a referral ,

I have worked with vets who never consider referral, get on the phone and call, today. If the second vet wants records or lab work they will pursue.


He is going to see vet again tomorrow. Opthamologist opens again on Sat (they have been closed all week). Fortunately he is not bleeding into his eye. If he was I would rush him to Kitty ER. He seems his usual grumpy self except for the original problem.

ask your eye doc about Toxo lesion in the retina

@hoopoe - dang! I wish I had seen this when the vet called. Good question.

Update: Mr Ollie will see opthamologist on next Saturday. My vet called me back and I told her exactly what the tech had relayed to me and she just sighed and said that was not what she had said at all. Ollie has a partially detached retina and even that was not very clear. She said that his retinal pocket was not well defined and some of the others structures were blurry looking. Since she could not tell exactly what was happening that it was best to go to a specialist. She said his reactions were appropriate and she did not feel he was having any vision impairment and she could tell say what triggered this. So off he goes. To Monterey no less.

I was a vet tech for 20 years. Really, your vet should not be having a tech convey information like this, particularly information that is so vital and requiring follow up. While the tech fumbles the information, the vet should have not pawned off the responsibility and followed up only after you called.

Partial detachment is serious and so will the need for follow through looking at; active lesions, Toxo,blood pressure etc.

Give Ollie a schnoogle from me.


Thank you. I think they have just gotten a bit lazy at this vet because so many drop off their pets and when the tech comes out to return them they simply don’t ask questions.

I glad you mentioned the possible causes. I have started a list of things I want to know and those are on there.

Schnoogle given, much purring ensued. (I think that mean thanks in cat. lol)


So Mr Ollie went to Monterey for his opthamology visit. Nice drive, pretty day, saw some new beaches.

LSS: L eye - total detachment of retina, blind, can only see some light and shadows, some bleeding and irritation.
R eye - partial detached retina, still sees well.
Vet said he was very hypertensive and has started him on amlopidine. She thinks he can recover his right eye and maybe some of his left. She discounted toxo lesion but wants him to go for a blood panel to see if he has anything underlying that could be causing the HTN.

Poor kitty. I feel so bad for him. I keep thinking and kicking myself for why didn’t I catch this, why didn’t I see this? But I have to console myself with the fact that I am not a vet nor am I god. I did my best and now I just have to make sure he continues to receive follow up care.
I guess I will buy a blood pressure cuff and get a pediatric attachment and learn how to take readings and interpret them. The skills I am learning…

Thanks all, esp @hoopoe for your good suggestions.


Poor Ollie. Sending Jingles his way.

For your primary vet I would be insisting on having the vet call you while he examines your pets or find a vet that will.
You should not be getting the information through the vet tech with no opportunity to ask questions.
I am so lucky my vet is letting us come in with our pets. Social distancing. He always uses a tech to hold the pet anyway.


Hugs to Ollie and you! You’re a good kitty mum, you did everything right. But cats are just so good at hiding things from us. Jingles for Ollie! Hoping he recovers his sight soon.


You didn’t see it because cats are masters at hiding anything/everything until the condition is extremely advanced. You are a great owner as you have done everything possible when he did finally let you know something was wrong.

Massive jingles for healing.


Ollie got his first dose last night. I had to laugh - it was hardly larger than the head of a pin. He snugged up with me and had a good day. I know it takes awhile for meds to get up to strength but I have high hopes.

@Sonnysmom - I agree totally. I spoke to my vet about this and she was not happy that tech had relayed wrong info. From here on out I know that I personally will insist on having the vet speak to me. The vet at the optho clinic was excellent and answered all my questions.


Poor guy. Thomas had high blood pressure and one retina completely detached and the other partially detached.

His blood pressure was easily controlled on the meds though. Not many vets routinely check blood pressure so there is nothing you could have done. I’m glad you talked to your vet though. That was some miscommunication on the techs part!

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I may have to hit you up for more info as I go along here. Ollie seems to be doing well but we are only on day 5. What meds did your cat take? How did you check his bp or did you just go to vet?

On the up side his leg is better. LOL

He was on amlodipine. I didn’t check it at home, we went to vet, he took five or six readings and averaged it out. They got lower with each reading as he settled down. White coat syndrome. :wink:

I’m glad his leg is better!

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LOL white coat syndrome…

Ollie got amlodipine as well. 2.5 mg to cut into four teensy beensy pieces. sigh…weekend TV watching project, right? :smiley:

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you can get little geletin capsules which makes managing those teensy dose fragments easier. If there are multiple items, they can be packed in one capsule