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Padded pants for long rides?

Ooh beautiful. I’m in Canada so it’s possible I can’t order from the US but yes, you can send me the contact!

Let me know if this link doesn’t work and I can ask her for her email address (I ordered through FB messenger)
Sheepskin seat saver

Yes it works for me! Thank you!

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and its purple!! :heart_eyes:

damn I need my current ones to wear out so i can get a matchy one!!


The endurance people I know have full coverage sheepskins. I guess so they don’t get pinched by stirrup leathers. I looked around and only found “western” ones, but my friends have these for their English saddles: I don’t know their suppliers, or if they modify the available western ones.


I have one of those on my one saddle that only gets used by me on one horse because it’s really hard to change stirrup length etc with Godiva ones on. I prefer a seat saver with separate stirrup learner covers

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My old post might have some good ideas!

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