People who use UTVs

Sorry OP, can I hijack with another question? I’m also looking into a UTV and this may be a silly question, but can you get them with a rear PTO so you can use it to brush hog?

normally you would use an independent powered towed unit

So no way to hook up my existing Land Pride brush hog?

all the UTVs that I know of that have the provision for PTO, PTO is forward facing in the front…

I believe the Land Pride brush hog is set up for rear mounting as a standard three point hitch implement?

you might want to question a distributor of the UTVs

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Well, I bought one today.

We’ll see! Got a Mule, but bigger than the one LCDR has. I drove that one and it did not handle the snow well. The one we got did much better. Disadvantages of it are a higher and smaller bed. I might regret that decision, but I think I’d regret it more get stuck out in the pasture. With the smaller bed, I might have to make more trips when I’m cleaning stalls, but honestly, that is less of a concern as I keep mine out 24/7 when I can. Same issue with cleaning lean-tos. It will hold my daily hay load with no problem.

As far as the dump, I was able to dump a bed full of heavy snow, but it wasn’t easy. I will have to carefully load. It is deeper at the back so you can use that to your advantage. I can add an after market life if it becomes and issue.

Will let you guys know in a month when the big snows hit if I regret my choice


Sorry miscommunication. A quad is not what is pictured, which I was talking about. They are much lighter and much faster with no canopies and a seat like a motorbike, not a car.

A neighbor was chasing a calf to treat it and mother came at him mad and flipped his quad on him.
He did get the calf treated and got away from the mad cow, eventually.
Luckily it only broke his hand and he had a few stitches to his head and leg from it.

I am finding this thread so useful! I really want a Ute. I’d like to run a small manure spreader and drag. I’d also like something for scouting new trails! The multiflora rose thickets mean I don’t want to explore on horseback or on foot!

I’m really enjoying the thought and dialogue on this thread.

Ouch. I hope he is the type who learns.

We do not go near a calf with a new mother or if bad even when the calf is older. The saying is that the safest place with a new mother is under the bull.

We also do not try to chase one beast. Unlike horses that we can move individually, we bring up the whole herd and cut a beast out.

Except my dressage horse Andy who brought up a mum and 3 day old calf by himself. I was on him on a loose rein. I still miss him.

The quads are better for mustering the cattle until you get smart Bazadais who stand in the middle of the water holes, then the horses are better.

Here quads are called four wheelers.
He said he caught the calf, kept his rig between him and the cow and she got mad got under it and flipped it with her head on top of him.

We asked if he had a video of that, he said too busy right then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bahahaha, I call that ‘How to commit Suicide.’ He is very lucky to tell the tale. It sounds like she stopped after the first flip. He would have been pretty vulnerable then for another go.

No. UTVs don’t have a PTO on the back to hook your bush hog to…UTVs are not tractors.

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Check this out;

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We have a 2013 Polaris Ranger 800xp with fuel injection and power steering. It came with a roof, fold down windshield, stereo with blue tooth port, LED and fans. It is street legal with headlights and break lights, and will go up to 55 mph. It’s very easy to switch from 2WD to 4WD; has a bench seat (holds 3) and a dump bed.

I routinely have my very slight 14 now 15 year old daughter clean out the run-in shed of manure with the Ranger and go dump it on a bare spot or wash in the pasture, by herself. Have done the same myself and I’m only 5’2". We’ve worried about piling the manure in the rear of the bed in order to make it easier to dump. We just load it up, and some loads of manure have been quite large, and have never had any trouble getting the dump bed to dump and it is not hydraulic. Pretty much if you release the catch, the bed will dump. Now, our Ranger is going on 8 years old so maybe they’ve changed the mechanism, but for us, the use of the dump bed is not something we’ve felt needed an upgrade to hydraulic.

As I said in your other thread, ours will tow our small utility trailer around as it is rated to tow up to 2000 lbs and comes with a receiver so that we can easily remove our 2" ball hitch from the truck and put on the Ranger and back. I have also used it to drag my dressage arena and could see if you wanted to get a fancy drag with some heft, it could certainly handle that.

A friend has a fancier 500 she found locally with like only 25 hrs on it. Had been used only as a run around vehicle in a neighborhood. Hers will do everything ours will except for the heavy lifting. Hers also has a bench seat which she likes because she, her son and her dog, can all ride around together if that’s important to you. We’ve had various nieces and nephews over occasionally and have put 3 people in the cab for a bit of a joy ride, but usually there’s only 2. But since we are a family of three, it is nice to put all three of us in the cab to motor around the property when doing various projects. Our does not have doors and they would be superfluous for our use.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either option though. I know a couple who have the smaller Kawasaki and they’re very happy with it. Do read the reviews on the John Deeres as when I was researching our purchase in 2018, there were a lot of complaints about frequent repairs and costs.

Congratulations on your Mule!

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OK, I’ve been using the mule daily in this nasty weather. LOVE IT! I park it in our heated garage at the house so I can just hop in and drive down to the hay storage, then straight out to spread in the pasture. So far I’ve been able to get through all the snow. If we get bigger drifts I can see that navigating the hills will be tough. But for now, I love it!

Have used it a few times to clean stalls. Not as easy to load as my rubbermaid, but I can easily drive it anywhere on the property to dump and that’s a huge plus!

Hubby stole it to go gather firewood from the back forest.

I’m quite happy to have it.

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