Potentially selling a horse currently half-leased - how to communicate?

As a parent, a former teenage leaser, and a current horse owner, this is what I would do. Contact the parents and speak to them privately about the situation. Give them the opportunity to buy or full lease. But I would let the parents break the news to the kid themselves.


Give the lease family “first right of refusal.” If they are unable/unwilling to purchase, then give some sort of notice once the purchase goes through. I agree w/ letting the parents tell the kid themselves.

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I would loop in the trainer, as well.

If the family cannot purchase, the trainer may need to have in mind a quick transition for the family.

It sounds like you have had a nice arrangement with the family and would like it to be as easy a transition as possible . That is, of course, if the family wishes to have their daughter continue.

Having the trainer, privately and discreetly in the loop, might make a potential transition smoother

I wasn’t saying take the horse away before saying anything. But make sure your friend REALLY wants him before saying anything.

This is assuming the leaser REALLY can’t afford full lease or purchase.

I would make the deal with the friend contingent on kid/parents not being able to afford horse. Then tell kid/parent about deal with friend and offer horse if they can. Then go from there.


THIS. If you have a lease that has been going to 3 years, I would be sure to give the first right of refusal. Never assume anything. I think it would be rude to do otherwise.

And I would not say anything unless you have a contract and a deposit for a purchase. You can always sell contingent on their right of refusal.

Absolutely nothing wrong in selling the horse. Just do it in a respectful manner.

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