Question for Those of You With Experience on the Rescue Side

I personally have never tried it but know people that have used satin balls. Funny thing was when I googled it my 4th choice was Satin balls for German Shepherds.

Congrats on getting a new dog.

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I think I figured out that her eating issue has to do with time of day. She ate great (kibble mixed with canned) all weekend and then turned her nose up at breakfast Monday and Wednesday when I tried to feed her first thing in the morning (6:45 a.m.) On Tuesday/Thursday mornings I waited to feed her until 8:30ish after I’d been to the gym and fed the horses and she ate much better, so that seems to be the trick. When I told the vet that she said her shepherd mix is the same way.

Needless to say our cats are not thrilled about this - they’re going to be getting fed while she’s in her crate eating just to head off any potential food-related conflict. And the 6-month-old kitten has long since developed the habit of sitting on dear fiancee’s throat at 5:30 a.m. in the explicit interest of being served breakfast PROMPTLY.

You hit the nail on the head. I’m sure the first dog would have been lovely but Jade is still being pretty darn perfect even having perked up over the last week. Heartworm treatment will be a bit of a hassle, but she’s 100 percent worth it. She could still turn into a holy terror and make me eat my words but I can’t imagine having ended up with a different dog.

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I have ben posting on another thread, deperstly seeking a “good” dog but must say I find most rescues run by neurotic people who love having a little power. I haven’t been turned down but then I don’t have a fence but underground which all the farms around me have.
Really fed up with rescue pulling the best dogs from county shelters so people like me can’t get a dog.
Once again I’ll have to go purebred to get a “good” healthy young dog.
what a shame as no dog would have a better life than the one they’d have at our farm.
Yep I am fed up!