Rebelle saddles?

Has anyone ridden in them? Any opinions on them?

"Rebelle, a division of Voltaire makes this upscale saddle, designed in France, handmade with the finest French leathers, up to 40% cheaper than its competitors. The secret:

Sold exclusively online (no shops to pay). Assembled in Morocco by saddlers artisans trained by a French master saddler. We do not pay for professional riders to use these saddles."

I’m curious😀.

Curious also because I love my Palm Beach.

So no fitter or sales Rep maybe saves on paying commission. But then do you measure your horse yourself? Or is it just one size fits all like a cheap Santa Cruz from Green hawk?

Edited to add: I went to the website and they have questions about rider size but none about fitting the horse. For $3500 CAN I can do much better than that.

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I can’t even find a website?

I had a sales rep come out to my barn yesterday who sells these exclusively. I live in PA.

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It’s part of the Voltaire website.

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Interesting! What are the options for horse fit? Can you get semi custom panels and different trees? Does the seller do tracings and fittings?

The rep came to my barn and yes, they can do different trees and panels.

Ok that’s good to know.

The question is why are they 30 per cent the cost of the Voltaire main line?

They tell you right in the ad copy— they’re not handing these out free like candy to pros in exchange for the advertising. No sponsorships.


Interesting. So these are comparable quality but the cost of advertising triples the price of the regular Voltaire? Is that because the advertising triples the cost to the manufacturer? Or just because they can get away with charging that for this decades fashionable saddle? Or all research and design is calculated into the Voltaire budget?

They don’t really look like Voltaire. They look more conventional. Now there’s no reason you couldn’t manufacture a very nice saddle in that price range. Other established brands do it. But I’m really curious as to what real differences they are.

Full disclosure: my mare has huge shoulders so apparently isn’t a candidate for French saddles generally, so I don’t have a Voltaire or even Voltaire envy. But just curious.

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Saddles are hugely marked up due to “fashion” and no small part of that is getting sponsored riders to promote them. I’m not at all surprised that when you remove that cost you end up in the ballpark of the good quality British brands that just don’t advertise that way. I haven’t spent time poring over the saddle on the website but it looks like a decent saddle with different interchangeable features that costs what something like that should cost without the hype markup on top.

I don’t know how conventional a giant letter “R” on the flap is though?


I used to have a Voltaire that I really liked, but it didn’t fit my horse so I sold it. When I heard about the Rebelle I thought it might work because I could get a saddle in a wide tree without the big price tag. But I just didn’t like the Rebelle. My friend loved it and ordered one.

I was just wondering if anybody else had tried one and what they thought.

Very similar but no buffalo leather option. We are trying one now and I like it. Still expensive but it’s voltaires grab on the 4-5k market since their original brand has priced many out of buying a new Voltaire. I can’t justify having my kids spend almost the same as their horse may have cost, so this is an option for them. It’s smart of them actually.