Ridiculous Sales Ads

In addition to the other explanations, this strategy can attract a lot more traffic/attention than an informative ad. The more info you provide, the easier it is for someone to realise the horse is not suitable and keep scrolling. If it’s vague, everyone will comment in the hope it might suit, and that keeps bumping up the post.


I know, right? Seems like a lot more time is wasted answering individual requests than just posting the video up front. And I hate not at least being given a general price range.


3 minute video, 1st minute is a bunch of still photos, then 1 min 30 of someone standing on the horse and then throwing a tarp over it. Last 30 seconds is fuzzy video of horse trotting and cantering on the other side of the arena through the dust. Only conformation photos are tacked up with polos and bell boots. And all those Facebook ads with no height and location listed.


Let me also add:

Annoying music
Lots of slow-motion footage
Riders without helmets


Ha! If ONLY people would actually READ! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “video, height, location, age” only to state that info is ACTUALLY IN the ad, along with link to 30 some videos. Is there a hidden code word I’m missing for adult competent inquiries? These are not cheap horses attracting kids, this is pros and educated adults shopping!


That is frustrating! I can only guess that they are so used to having to ask, that they just look at the pictures and don’t bother reading. Not that it is an excuse! Laziness on their part.


This is the movie I was stuck in for months. It was like “Groundhog Day: Horse Shopping.”

I made it very clear that I was looking for a nice prospect for western dressage and ranch riding competitions. I kept getting videos of horses doing tricks. Why do I care if I can climb out of the saddle and stand erect on the horse’s back? Or cloak myself in a tarp while mounted? Instead, show me a decent leg yield or some transitions. And stop taking the danged bridle off, looping it around the horse’s neck and then galloping circles in a cow pen!




So, I guess in some cases, the slow-motion thing can be helpful because it just made it REALLY easy to spot how much shorter the horse was on his right hind than his left.


This! FB is forking ridiculous. And inconsistent. Someone I know recently started posting the URL of her OnlyFans page along with a, uh, preview altered just enough to squeeze into rated R territory on her FB Story. Yet someone else I know got a temporary suspension because the Rubbermaid chest of drawers she posted on FB Marketplace was deemed “sexually provocative/explicit” by some FB algorithm.

**i have no issue with OnlyFans acquaintance. I’m in camp “Do what you like as long as you don’t do it in the street & frighten the horses”. Hell, if I thought folks would pay to see my middle-aged backside, I would probably get on there too. It was just wait, whoa, what?? How is a pic of her nekkid butt covered by a heart emoji not getting flagged by FB’s algorithms while the Rubbermaid drawers are flagrant? :rofl::rofl:

Eta: @Event_Horse, helmetless riders are my bugaboo
In sale ads, dating profile pics, whatever. Friends from a previous barn posted pics of them trail riding on vacation with no helmets. It took every fiber of my being not to scream “omg! Noooooo! You’re going to dieeeeee!”


This. Let me add confirmations photos taken in 4 in. of grass.


Ummm . . . where can I buy said chest?


Ah yes certain typos could definitely help fool Facebook’s algorithm! I must admit, it is very odd the way it works. I had a hackamore for sale ad taken down for violence/weapon sales & a sale horse ad taken down for nudity.


Yes I think that’s probably it unfortunately. I was selling a TB mare & received a call asking for info. After giving the info, the caller replied “So do you think it’d make a good Arabian showjumping stallion?” and I have to admit, I was so confused I didn’t say anything for a minute


Being confirmed does not matter to me in a horse so photos of their religious ceremony being in the lawn is not an issue.

Now, conformation photos where you can not see the hoof and lower leg do really suck.


In the same place as @scislandsprite’s nude horse! :rofl::rofl:

Promise us that you’ll be careful, @SadieRidingHorses. Everyone knows that Rubbermaid is the gateway drug into stronger, more addictive organizational systems. Would hate to see you draining your life savings & tearing up the house for California Closets :scream:


When I sold my mare, the reason I didn’t post a video is because it was 6 minutes long. The first minute was the best confo pics I could do in a freshly dragged ring and as straight on as I could get them.

The rest was my trainer schooling her on the flat and over fences in one continuous take, zooming in as best I could so there were never any really far away shots (one of my pet peeves).

My youtube was private and I didn’t want to subject trainer, who is a great rider, to any unwanted fb coaching either. :blush:

Admittedly, it was hard to keep up with all the Price? Video? comments so I think next time I may take a different approach…if there is a next time.

Selling a horse is hard y’all!


I would suggest a maximum 2 minute w t c video and a good stood up conformation photo on the public facing online platform, plus at least a price range, and then let people request further video and details.


Could you have just turned the comments off?

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LOL I didn’t think about that at the time. :blush:

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