Saddle Help - Anyone Familiar with Childeric Dressage Models?

I am not familiar with the Childeric saddles, so can’t offer advice there. But (admit to skimming other responses) if it were me, and my horse went so well in the trainer’s saddle, I would see if trainer would be willing to try one of the failed saddles you’ve purchased on her horse(s) that she rides in the discontinued Childeric. Then if that can work for her, maybe you guys could trade. You didn’t mention if you had offered to buy the one saddle that your mare likes. Just a thought.

Agree with everyone else to push the brown saddle back. The stirrup bar and leathers are in two different directions in each saddle, so of course they will not balance you the same way. It’s possible that the brown saddle is tipping you forward because your leg swings back from the stirrup bar, so either you need to learn to lengthen the back of your leg, or it doesn’t fit you. Both are plausible, but if you’re not having this issue in a different saddle, it’s probably more likely that it doesn’t fit you.

Have you tried chatting with the people at Running Fox? I only know Childeric jump models but I bought mine from them forever ago and had a conversation about perhaps buying a second (and sending mine in for a new seat). They had one on order that was close but wrong flap specs but said they’d do a trial and accept a return. Or I could wait however many months (COVID) to just order one. They also could tell me a fair amount about the current saddles. I was concerned the model I wanted had been discontinued because it’s not on the main Childeric site, but Running Fox assured me it was still made. My horse wound up changing shape again and I went a different direction, but I think if anyone would know the answers to your questions, it would be them. They also usually have a shop set up in Florida for the winter.

I would just caution that the staff at Running Fox are sales reps and not saddle fitters.

That’s right but they will likely know what the DUS is and if there is anything else that uses that tree.

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I bought a custom Hennig, waited six months, and it did not even come close to fitting. It was unstable on his back. My experience with saddles has been tortured and my takeaway is that I do not buy custom saddles, only used, and then I fit them as best I can with fitters and flocking. I am so sorry you are going through this. Your mare is gorgeous.

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Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I abandoned the discussion for a few days - life goes on, despite my saddle woes!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful advice and sympathy. I am so glad I posted; all suggestions are very helpful.

Yes, I am in touch with Running Fox. As far as I am aware, they are the only dealer of Childeric saddles in the country, possibly in North America? Does anyone know of another? They have been very helpful and answered many questions for me. Unfortunately, the realities of running a business mean that they can’t order in a saddle for me and then let me trial it for an extended period of time before purchase, which I totally understand. Our conversation is ongoing, and I really appreciate their effort and time.

Trainer’s saddle is not for sale (it is loved). We’ve all been discussing the possibility that her saddle is so old and so well used that it’s possible it has worn in such a way that may be impossible to replicate, even if I did convince Childeric to make me another DUS. While I am still waiting on another response from Running Fox, I am coming to conclusion that I probably need to look for saddles that are similar to the Childeric I love - both in the “rider” parts and incorporating the “horse” parts that Penny appreciates, in any brand available. I will be looking for a used saddle or a demo model that I can ride in and trial for as long as possible before purchasing. If there are any more brand suggestions to look at, I’d love to hear them!

Thank you for the sympathy and the compliment, @staceyk! She is my pride and joy, and I just adore her. Even if she hates all of my saddles.

Thank you all!