Scoot Boots anyone?

I’ve had Scoots on my TB for about six months now (front and back) and I’m very happy with them. I sent pics to the designer for help with fitting, so no issues there. They are SUPER EASY to put on and take off. And they stay on. I ride both smooth and rocky trails with creek crossings and the occasional large patch of slippery clay or deep mud. I’ve had no issues with any of the hardware or straps. I do a lot of walking, but have also put plenty of trot and canter time on them without a problem. It did take my guy a couple of short initial rides to adust to the traction. He never tripped, but I could feel his feet “grab” a bit in the beginning. Now he moves normally with a free stride (and he has big gaits).

I was a little worried about the heel straps (even with the supplied neoprene gaiters) because they seemed like they might rub. But I did some brief longing in them for a few days, then a few short rides to test them before going out for an hour plus. He didn’t have any sensitivity under the straps, even on a pretty muddy day when you couldn’t see what color the straps were. They drain and clear of debris very well, and wash up nicely.

He has very thin soles and I do occasionally feel him take some careful steps where the rocks are rough. I’m going to try adding ThinLine hoofpads to see if they’ll take care of that. (The interior sole of the boots have a grippy surface, so I’m hoping the pads won’t cause a problem with retention. They’re such a snug fit around the outside, I don’t think it they will.)

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4 months later since I posted on this thread - and I found I really love the Scoots far more than the Renegades, and light years more than the Gloves (which now place a very distant third in my estimation of reliability of use and construction).

I’m now in the process of replacing the Gloves with Scoots. Possibly the Renegades, too, further down the road. I’m tired of dealing with Renegade’s Velcro straps and wire cables.

At the Fort Valley endurance ride yesterday I saw a rider in the 50 mile ride with Scoots on the front and Renegades behind. She said she loves the Scoots - they stayed on perfectly on that ride’s rocky tough trail. Hope to see more of them being used in upcoming rides.


I think I might know who that was! lol

My scoots have seen very little use sadly :frowning: But, I love them! I’m hoping to get a set for his hinds too.

I am just coming off a Scoot Boot trial. I love them too. I did lose one in very deep mud (like we couldn’t tell if I still had the boots or not, he was so muddy, so high up his legs), but they gave me a good discount on a replacement. I did probably 75 miles in them on a camping trip - lots of mud, cantering, water crossing. No rubs. I will use the pastern strap locks going forward, and add the blue straps, so maybe I will find a lost boot next time.

I also love Renegades, but they are more complicated and bulky.

There was only one time I removed my guy’s Scoots, and that was at a VERY deep seriously muddy crossing in a bog stream. I looked at that mud/water pit and decided it was worth a few seconds to remove the Scoots (he was wearing them on his hinds) and attach them to my saddle for the crossing. Losing a $100 boot vs dismounting for a moment and then remounting? Easy decision. Once on the other side, I dismounted and slipped them back on again. And off we went for the remainder of our ride. They are AWESOME for being so easy to put on and take off.

paintedtrails - the gal who had the Scoots and Renegades also has a blog that she writes. She posted the link to the AERC Facebook page, so I got a chance to reply to her there. She said in her blog she came in to the finish with 5 minutes to spare, which is about par for using strap-on boots for an OD ride. If you want to go faster than a 99% walk on an OD ride, you really need to glue your boots on, or stick with nail-on shoes.

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Yep, I know who are you talking about :slight_smile: She is a teammate of mine for Greenbean Endurance.
I really want to get hinds, but I have come to the realization that the old scar on my gelding (had vet verify it was not sarcoid or something to remove) is likely going to be troublesome for strap on boots. I still love the scoots! hoping we can get our saddle issues knocked out and start using them again.
Scoots are so easy to work with, and yes I would agree as I painfully lost a renegade boot on a conditioning ride that it hurts to have that money fly away! Scoots are much simpler to get on and off - where with my renegades I’d put them on the night before the ride to ensure I was not tinkering ride morning!

Hi All, I’m a year late to this post but am a Scoot Boot rep and thought I’d address a couple of items that were brought up in this thread. As for the screws on the boots they should be checked periodically and if any are loose a single drop of loc tite (or even clear nail polish!) will remedy that, just avoid getting it on the boot itself. The only time I’ve had a pastern strap break has been when crossing many logs. Popped another strap on in seconds and on my way! Compared to changing Renegade cables or replacing Glove gaiters it’s a breeze! Scoots are the easiest to use and easiest to clean! Lots more info, testimonials and fun stuff in my Facebook group Scoot Boot Adventures.

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Anybody else want to update on Scoot Boot Use? I’m getting ready to measure and get the fit kit. No more pounding the Gloves on!

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I use them on a horse that doesn’t like to be barefoot, I leave them on 24/7. No issues with them, easy to get on and off, which is great for me. I like that they allow the hoof to stay dry.

How long have you been using them? Do you cycle through pairs? No rub issues?

I think I replied to this when it was first started, and I’ll update.

I had quality issues with the first pair I bought several years ago, and went back to Renegades. I recently bought a pair of Scoots for my husband’s new horse and have been impressed. The design has been slightly modified and the overall quality seems better.

I do need to use the heel gaiters on hubby’s horse or he rubs. They’ve stayed on well for moderate riding including rocky and muddy trails.

Bottom line is I like both the newer version of Scoots and still like Renegades. I do like not having Velcro on the Scoots, which makes them much easier to clean. They seem a bit less forgiving on fit than Renegades, although that may be based on the shape of my other horses hooves.

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I’ve been using Scoot Boots for over two years now for trail riding about five days a week (she doesn’t need them to ride in the arena). I have to use the gaiters or my horse will rub. That’s the only issue I’ve had. Otherwise they are easy to put on, stay on, drain water and have excellent grip on pavement. I’m very happy with them.