Hmm, I think my scrub from CVS was 4% and I didn’t dilute it… Didn’t cause any irritation. Muck Itch skin saver spray is 2% chlorhexidine so I wouldn’t worry about making it too strong.

Hilton Herbs just put this out this week. Hilary trialed it for the past year with really good results.
When I was at Equine Affaire with her last November, several people who were participating in the trial and had only been on it for a few weeks, came up to us and told us they were very happy with the results.

Treating horse scratches is tough! We just went through the treatment process with our Andalusian/Lipizzan gelding who has never had them before. We really wanted to stick with all natural products and after some experimenting we came up with an effective solution. We used Aloe Vera baby wipes, Tea Tree Oil, Manuka Honey/Medi-Honey, Roll On Gauze, and Vetrap. We also treated him internally with homeopathic remedies to help boost his immune system. He is all better now! I wrote about it in on my blog if you are interested. Here is the link:

In my experience, just keeping everything as clean and dry as possible is immensely helpful.