Secret Santa 2020 - Cuz we have to!!!! -- Entries Due October 30th

What’s the most common amount people do?

There really isn’t. We range from $20 on up

Get your profile entry in! :wink:

I don’t have your entry yet. Please send it again, just in case or PM me here :wink:

Finally got my email in! Yay!

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Just sent it again. If you don’t get it I’ll pm. Thanks!

Got it!! :smiley:

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Chocomare, I have not heard from you.
”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹ It’s been three weeks. I checked spam filters.

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Come to think of it, I don’t think I got a reply either, but just thought it was because I have done SS before and maybe I was already on “the list”?

I never got a response ChocoMare, so I just resent it. Wanted to make sure it didn’t go in your spam

I have all your entries. When I put them into my Elf Database today, You’ll get your confirmation :wink:

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Darn it I missed it! I have the email all saved in my drafts and forgot to send. :no:

We are just a bunch of impatient elves! Thanks, ChocoMare!! We love you! :yes:

Send it anyway, she might still be able to work you in!

Alrighty you elves… The mixin and a-matchin has started! I’ll have emails out by Wednesday at the latest!!!


Woohoo! Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I sent my entry on Oct 30 but didn’t get a confirmation - did I miss it?

Nope… you’ll get your today!

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All the YOUR COTH SS GIFTEE IS… emails have been sent from my work email - it was easier to do it this way, so check your spam just in case. Sorry I didn’t get them out yesterday but my day blew up… rather the week did. -sigh-

But they’re there now!!!


Thank you! :smiley: