Small vent making appt with vet for a week out

Generally it is not offered - usually only offered to clients who are ‘maintaining’ pets at home and returning frequently for updated bloodwork - think subq fluids for renal failure - or re-bandaging after burns or serious infections.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.


Another common tech appointment is nail trims.


yes, the techs do the nail trims, ad that is fine. If I make an appt with the vet for a nail trim, I do expect the tech.

This is a problem everywhere as noted.

My lameness vet is about to retire, meaning that the practice will have one vet. That vet will do sporthorse stuff only—no routine stuff or emergencies. They were unable to find another vet to hire.

My awesome equine vet moved out of the area five years ago bc she couldn’t get consistent help and she was running herself ragged. She joined an existing practice with a clinic and several vets.

I have a few friends who are vets and one posted something earlier today about the vet shortage.

OTOH when Dice got hit by the car I called my regular vet, they asked if I was a regular client and what my name was, and then said to bring him in immediately. Although the outcome was sad I still thanked then profusely and sent a card.

When I adopted a new cat from the shelter and called them for the free exam provided by the shelter, they got me an appointment nine days out and honored the voucher that was officially good for only a week.


OK, good news!
I went out today to run some errands, and took Toffee with me for no other reason than it was a nice day and I like to take her in the car. It was just meant to be a two hopper and right back home. Well, at the second stop I thought hmm, I am right around the corner of a vet I took Bug to when he was a baby. I thought what harm could it do to run by and see if they could squeeze me in. I pulled into the lot, and there was no one there. Ah, I thought, good news for me! We went in and I saw no clients. Hmmm no they could not squeeze me in. The staff was just sitting there having a conversation. But they could not squeeze me in. OK, what ever.
I remembered one more in the area that I had never been to. We pulled in and the lot was full but the waiting room wasn’t. So I went in to get the lay of the land so to speak. I didn’t expect to be seen and no they couldnt see me unless I was a patient. But they did suggest one about 25 miles away that only takes walk ins.
So off we went to Lees Summit. They did see us, but they charge a $25 fee for new patients. The vet said iit was just fleas! I haven’t had any flea protection on anyone here, cat or dog because I have never seen any evidence of scratching or digging. Believe me, I have indeed been thru fleas before, much worse when I had carpets. But I feel much better now, and Toffee can get better.

Thank you all for your concern and suggestions. Hopefully, the flea meds will clear this all up.


Are you in MO? Dr. Becker at Independence Animal Hospital is wonderful, and they do walk ins, as well.
Glad you got it taken care of!

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yeah that is where I usually go and he is great, but some of the others arent and since they close at 4 it is quite a nusance.

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You’re spoiled if you’ve gone to him :wink:

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I don’t usually get to use him. My niece LOVES him. Been going there for 20 years. I do not like the new hours and it is awful to try to get in. DIfficult to get in on the phone too.

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