So how did the Brits do it?


Medalled in all 3 Equestrian events, 2 Golds & 1 Silver, including a never-before achieved medal in Dressage.

With all the talk (prior) of how the Germans are always at the top and the Americans not so much, how did Great Britain manage to do so wonderfully well in all 3 disciplines?

Better horses?
Better training?
Better coaching?
That intangible ability of the human spirit that pushes to greatness, being inspired far above normal on their home field?

I thought it would be an interesting discussion, since there’s so much talk about what the Germans do that puts them so consistently at the top, and what the British did this time that made them do so well.

No bashing of any country’s teams, just I hope thoughts & ideas.


The more experienced you are, the more you can see.

I can see more than most people. My instructor can see more than me.

We both went to see a Charlotte Djardin masterclass and 6 months to a year later a Carl Hestor Masterclass.

For both they saw the riders previous to the day and picked which horse and rider pairs they wanted.

Charlotte’s masterclass was good. Much the same as other riders brought in from overseas with a lot of humor.

Carl’s masterclass was much better. My instructor kept doing double takes. Carl would mention something the horse was doing that he hadn’t seen until pointed out. He was in awe. Just imagine having lessons from an instructor that can see that much. You end up with a student riding as well as Charlotte.

The riders in Carl’s masterclass were a much better pick and were great. Each were given an individual exercise that made them greater.

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Hi JackyJoy,
Can you clarify which event you are talking about when you say the UK medalled in all 3 disciplines including a never-before dressage medal?

Charlotte Dujardin I’m sure won gold(s) at the 2014 WEG (in dressage obviously) - are you talking about the 2012 Olympics, which was a first dressage medal for the UK? The two golds and a silver would fit with those team results (gold in dressage and SJ (team) and silver in Eventing (team)) Individually there was gold and bronze in dressage but no other individual medals.

It’s hard to answer your question without knowing where you mean - but it is worth observing that Germany’s dominance in all three disciplines has only really been for the years where they had a British trainer for the Eventing team…!

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