Soaking feed in winter, no hot water in barn

My vote is for mixing up his grain at the house!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve seen those before! I’m planning on having a 20 gallon water heater installed as soon as I finish enclosing the feed room (it’s an open bay currently) so that I can keep it heated!

Wow, that is a big difference! I’m going to fill a heated bucket today and see how quickly that soaks tonight.

Well, that’s what I am currently doing and why I asked for other options. He gets a lot of grain and with close to 2 gallons of water on top, it is HEAVY.

Worth a shot, I hope it’ll work for you! Always nice to not have to buy more stuff, right? :grin::grin:

I agree that lugging heavy buckets of soaked feed from the house isn’t fun, and even using a wheel barrow to transport is a pain.

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I’m having to carry warm water from the house as well, I use a couple of rubbermaid pitchers. Each horse gets one pitcher full of water. I’d like to eventually find a better solution, but it works for now. Except when I forget to bring the pitchers back to the house with me after feeding, and have to go fetch them from the barn before the next shift (insert heavy sigh). Happens too many times to count. The tankless water heater is a great idea, one I may talk to my hubby about implementing!

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@PamnReba OMG I HATE when I do that! The worst is when I forget to bring it in at night, then when I realize it’s missing at 7am and have to run to the barn first in the freezing cold, it makes me wanna cry :weary:

That was my morning this morning - 27 degrees at 6 am and horses staring at me like “WTH woman!”

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1.5 gallons is 5.7 liters.

2 liter electric kettle, and the remaining 3.7 of cold - should be plenty hot if you’re adding boiling water.

Here’s a 5L water boiler, but I suspect pouring takes a while and your bucket might not fit underneath? Could pour out of the opened top but not idea.

I always found the immersion water bucket heaters took a really long time to work - enough time to forget about them… and mine never boiled water. They have to be immersed so you might have to heat a full, big bucket to get your 1.5L?

Anyway what I always did was bring a lidded bucket home with the grain to be soaked the day before. Dump hot water from the sink on, and drove straight to the barn. Feed was ready to go on arrival, and stayed warm a couple hours if needed. But having a kettle at the barn is also good for soaking feet, washing wounds, and making tea!

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I have an extra microwave at the house that I brought to the barn and a big plastic bowl and I heat the water up in there and then dump in the grain bucket to soak. I try not to get it too hot because adding boiling water ruins some of the nutritional content of beet pulp.

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I use an electric bucket heater. I fill a bucket with water, stick in the warmer, plug it in and within 15 minutes, I have a bucket of warm water. Both of mine get soaked feed so the one bucket is more than enough. Did a little experimenting and discovered that the bucket heated faster with more water in it so most of the element was submerged.

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That’s what I used to do too when I prepped beet pulp at one barn I worked at.

Just used a bowl and microwaved the water.

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I use one of these in a five gallon bucket:

It makes enough water to soak cubes, clean tack and still have some left over to give my renal horse some warm water in a bucket to drink.

I just put a bucket heater in a filled 5 gal bucket and use hot water as needed- soaking beet pulp, adding to frozen water troughs outside (after I’ve hammered the heck out of them,)