Stallions going through Keeneland

this. wholeheartedly agree. and Lentenor is a good looking guy as well. He’s just not going to get an opportunity at really good mares and never has. I would hate to see some of these guys end up overseas to be forgotten about when there is plenty of opportunity for them stateside if someone is willing to look into it

I agree on the Winstar business model. I think they were doing the same with Exaggerator and his previous owners stepped in, purchased him, and brought him back to Texas in recent weeks. I believe Bloodhorse did an article on it? Plans are still pending on him but good on them for doing that (he’s a beautiful individual as well)

I imagine Calumet probably wants the best possible scenario for these guys. Maybe the reasoning why they were withdrawn last year: no one interested or not anyone that fit their criteria. It will be interesting to see if they are withdrawn again this time around.

They had Grey Swallow advertised last year as well by Calumet. He sold on to a dressage farm that also raises TB’s for clients in Virginia to stand 2021 but he died in August of this year. Looked like a lovely place and they were so happy to have him. So one of their stallions DID go on to a sport horse-type place recently.

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When Calumet consigned Musketier a year or two ago, then withdrew him (I think I’m remembering this correctly) I wondered if a private sale had happened involving someone interested in sport horse breeding. His type and pedigree was really specific, and otherwise completely unavailable in North America. So sad that he passed.

Behesht is a potentially more practical candidate for such a situation though, given his age. I found the video of him selling at auction in France back in 2014. He was lot number 18, and appears at the 43:30 mark. Sadly… it’s crummy quality video and hard to see much about the horse. Still… if I understand the French correctly, he sold for over half a million euros…

He was bought for $656,985 in 2014 and exported to the U.S.

I still wonder what they were thinking, though they did try to race him. He was not a good racehorse. Why they stood him is beyond me.

Hopefully he’ll go to a good place.

He had a good record in France at age 3, and came from a very good mare. But he did not perform well when they tried to race him here in North America.

Between Behesht and Musketier… it seems like they were after adding a few stallions who were outcrosses, sound, and could add distance potential to foals. Just my guess. I can understand it if that wasn’t a good business decision in the US Thoroughbred market, however.

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He does have good breeding but he raced 8 times in France in Allowance and Maiden company, not Listed races.
From 16 total starts (U.S. and France) his earnings were $143,833.

I hope he’s still sound. but finding a Sport Horse home for him (as a stallion to stand) may be tricky. I hope it works out that way.

There are quite a few Stallions in the catalog this year. By the time of the sale most of them are usually out.


Black Type Year Course FP Margin Race Name WT Race PM Earnings
G2 2017 BELMONT PARK 6 28.8L Brooklyn Invitational Stakes (Grade 2) (4yo+) 4U 2414m 53.5 $517,990 $10,571
G2 2016 CHURCHILL DOWNS 7 6L Wise Dan Stakes (Grade 2) (3yo+) (Turf) 3U 1710m 55.0 $163,280 $2,772
G2 2017 CHURCHILL DOWNS 8 15.2L Alysheba Stakes presented by Big Fish Casino (Grade 2) (4yo+) 4U 1710m 53.5 $528,560 $5,286
G2 stats - no wins, no placings from 3 starts
G3 2016 KENTUCKY 7 9.0L Calumet Farm Kentucky Turf Cup Stakes (Grade 3) (3yo+) (Turf) 3U 2414m 55.0 $416,790 $7,081
G3 2016 KEENELAND 9 9.0L Sycamore Stakes (Grade 3) (3yo+) (Turf) 3U 2414m 55.0 $69,200 $330
G3 2016 CHURCHILL DOWNS 10 10.3L River City Handicap (Grade 3) (3yo+) (Turf) 3U 1810m 51.5 $62,310 $1,093
G3 stats - no wins, no placings from 3 starts
LR 2014 SAINT CLOUD 1 0.2L PRIX TURENNE 3CG SPEC COND 2400m 56.0 $77,360 $38,678
LR 2014 VICHY 2 3L PRIX FREDERIC DE LAGRANGE 3 SPEC COND 2400m 56.0 $71,930 $14,386
LR 2014 LONGCHAMP 4 4.0L PRIX DE L’AVRE 3 SPEC COND 2400m 58.0 $81,250 $8,125
LR stats - 1 win, 1 placing from 3 starts
Non Black Type 2014 SAINT CLOUD 1 3.5L PRIX SEA BIRD 3 Cond (A) 2400m 56.5 $82,780 $41,388
Non Black Type 2014 LONGCHAMP 1 0.1L PRIX DE REUILLY 3 Cond (F) 2400m 58.0 $37,060 $18,529
Non Black Type 2013 SAINT CLOUD 2 0.2L PRIX PHARSALE 2 Cond (F) 2000m 58.0 $34,700 $6,940
Non Black Type 2014 SAINT CLOUD 4 2.2L PRIX CARACALLA 3CG Cond (B) 2400m 55.5 $50,400 $5,040
Non Black Type 2015 DUNDALK 6 6.4L Race 4U 2148m 59.5 $28,710
Non Black Type stats 2wins - 1placing from 5 starts

he won a stakes race and placed in a stakes race in France. Listed, but black type

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this is one of his daughters:

Thanks. He just wasn’t what they expected. I’m still puzzled that anyone in the U.S. would think that standing him was a good idea, especially when they didn’t breed him to many of their own mares.

I thought one of the wins in France at 3 was in a Listed race?

RNA at 7K. I wonder if they got her to the track.

the appeal for me was that he is the only son of Sea the Stars here in the US. But … distance turf races are not the norm here. Those poor grassy stayers …


Oooh. I like the video of her. Lovely walk.

It was. I was incorrect. See Springboro’s post above. I should have said most of his races were not Listed.

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I really like that filly! And she was only 3? in that video.

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Don’t forget his mother. A beautifully bred mare from Aga Khan stud.

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Again, Calumet spent a lot on her, bred to her their own stallions and selling the babies for about $1-5K, and then sell her off cheap. I’m not sure what their thinking is. They’re a current leading breeder, though.

Great for Eventing if he can jump.

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Looks like she was 2.

Calumet doesn’t have a stallion whose fee is over 7.5K. Interesting.