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Stifle injury & PRP (long!) *Update - not stifle

I’ve known a couple horses this year with this problem. It’s been slow going, and they aren’t at the other side of it yet so I’m not sure how long it will take ultimately. One is back in light work, following onset of lameness at end of April/beginning of May. Which seems pretty quick to me.

I had a bone bruise myself years ago that took 9 months to resolve. My ortho said at least 6 months, but in athletic people, could be 8-9 months. It was around the 9 month mark that I noticed that it wasn’t a constant bother anymore.

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Has anyone tried Osteon or similar to support healing the bruise?

I used Osteon on MYSELF when I got a patella bone bruise in March (and a torn MCL, torn ACL, and fractured tibial plateau). It’s nasty stuff, but I healed very quickly. The bone bruise was expected to take 6-9 months to heal, but by 3 months I could no longer feel it.

Good to know! Thank you! Hope you’re fully recovered! That sounds like an uncomfortable set of injuries

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Yeah, it was my first time on crutches and it sucked! I had to walk around with a bag around my neck to put things in.

Plus since I was non-weight bearing on my right leg, my left calf got so big that it was 2 months post-crutches before I could zip up my left riding boot!

Crutches for any length of time are not for the faint of heart! So hard on your body!


I use HorseTech’s liquid silica instead for stuff like that. Much smaller amount, doesn’t taste like anything. Approved by my easy keeper who just doesn’t get enough food to hide a big scoop of Osteon.

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We’re 100% sound as of the vet check last week! He’s been at rehab for the last three weeks on the aquatread and is on a gradual return to work. *fingers crossed that recovery continues to go smoothly!


Yay!! Great news. Fingers crossed that it continues to go well!

Does anyone have any insight on timeline for returning to full work? Obviously, we’ll follow the plan setup by the vet & the rehab but as I’ve never had to bring one back from a lengthy layup, I don’t have a frame of reference.

My vet’s plan was 1 week for every month off of work plus a few extra weeks for setbacks, etc. That was with full stall rest and me hand walking and eventually riding every single day. If you are doing the rehab exercise only 4 days a week for example, you’d have to extend it.

It was empasized to increase only duration or only intesity at a time - so increase trot by 1 minute every 4 rides but don’t add corners/circles the same ride you increase time. I think my plan had us increasing duration or intesity every 4th or 5th day but can’t remember for sure.

Thanks! He’ll stay at rehab until the beginning of December, barring any set backs, but should we expect a horse ready to go back into full work when he comes home? When would one reasonably expect to be jumping around? He’s been on full stall rest since the end of July and at rehab aquatreading and hot walking since the beginning of October.

I guess I’m also curious when we’d be back to showing - I had thought maybe by February but our trainer thought he might not be ready by then. For those jointing mid-thread, he’s been out with a small bone bruise in his hock.

Assuming he’s not under saddle when he comes back to you, I’d assume 3-4 months.

Thanks! He should be w/t/c when he gets home but I don’t think she puts them under saddle at the facility