STINKY Helmet!!

The glue in the inner workings may be, Millerra. At least, that’s what I’ve always been told. Same reason they shouldn’t be left in the car during summer. Temp extremes can affect different parts of your helmet, especially the “fastener” products. At least they used to. Best to ask the manufacturer, I think. Or if you have a chemist for a friend…

I have a little spray bottle of rubbing alcohol that I keep in my helmet bag and spray the lining with after I ride (sporadically in the winter, only when it’s bad; daily in the summer!). Wiping out any excess moisture, spraying it, and letting it dry in the sun whenever possible seems to be working for me. I can no longer get the CO helmet spray here but it worked well for me the one time I tried it!

Well today I tried a mix of dish soap, anti-fungal horse shampoo, and listerine :lol: soaked the liner where it stinks and then laid it out in the sun. Checked it later and it still stinks like sweaty forehead! I give up…:no:

A quick spray of aerosol Lysol works like a charm on smelly helmets. And a can lasts a long time.

A quick spray of aerosol Lysol works like a charm on smelly helmets. And a can lasts a long time.[/QUOTE] well that I haven’t tried yet - that’ll be my next attempt!

Well so far, the best thing I’ve found is Lysol! It’s the only thing I’ve tried so far that’s making a dent in the smell! :smiley:

Dr. Scholl! If it’s good for stinky feet… :wink:

I don’t know how to fix the helmet you have, but going forward I always wear an underarmor skull cap under my helmet, and wash it on a regular basis. No stinky helmet!

I wear a bandana under my helmet when I ride so even though it soaks through with sweat it keeps the transfer of skin cells and grease to a minimum. I wear a fresh one each ride so basically it acts like a cheap washable liner for my J3.

I use aerosol Lysol. I get it in a nice scent so it doesn’t give me a headache. I don’t use it daily, but maybe every other day in the summer. Works pretty well!

Vinegar. :slight_smile: Seriously, that stuff will take the stink out of anything. You may smell like a salad for a few days, but it works!! When we got our Dodge it came from a smoker. I’m guessing it was the previous owner to person we bought it from because it wasn’t super strong, but you could tell someone smoked in it when the windows were left up overnight. I sprayed a strong mix of vinegar water (probably 5:1, or stronger) on the seats and into the floorboards, then left a bowl of plain vinegar sitting on the console overnight. That truck never smelled like smoke again.

Any time DH and I need to de-stink our shoes we spray a vinegar/water mix into them then let them dry in the sun. Works like a charm.

Bumping this up as my CO skull cap is about to be replaced because it smells so bad. I’ve had it for three years now, rode 4+ horses a day in SoCal in it, but it never once smelled until recently. And then, it went from smelly to…gross. Unfortunately it is stored in a corner tack locker so not much air flow, although I do have DampRid bags in there. I don’t put the helmet in the bag it came with, just hang it on a hook. I picked up the CO Helmet Deodorizer and it hasn’t made a difference.

I’ve read through a couple different threads and so far I see dishwasher (mine has a short cycle with no heat that would be perfect), hand wash with soap, spray with alcohol/Lysol (I tried spraying it with pure alcohol and it didn’t help), panty liners, and Under Armor style skull caps. I have short hair so no hair net or ponytail, I just sweat a lot and it gets pretty damn humid up here.

So what seems to be the best way to get rid of Nasty Helmet Smell?