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Same to the above ^^. My ankles get sore pretty quickly and I’ve noticed 0 discomfort with the Soft Up Pros.


I use the free jump pros too, and I don’t have a problem running them up by wrapping the leather around the fixed branch and then tucking the leather in under the keeper.


I splurged on the Flex-On hunter stirrups a couple of years ago and have been very pleased.

100%. I had the flex on green composite stirrups and I wanted to love them. But they just did not work well for me.

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The Flex Ons are the ones I have and I personally really like them. I got the composite ones, not the hunter but huge fan.

I also have the Lorenzini stirrups on my other jump saddle. They are comfortable and I like them but prefer my Flex Ons.

The Sprenger ones I had went to my dressage saddles. Used to love them but they aren’t as comfortable anymore. I like the wider foot area. Much more comfortable on my ankles and knees.

Had the Tech Stirrups and they really hurt the balls of my feet when I rode. No idea why because they have a wider foot area, but they were not it for me.

I got the Composite Eole stirrups after an ankle surgery this fall. I am lovingly calling them my “old lady stirrups” and never thought I would break away from traditional stirrups. The Eole’s arent as ugly as the cheaper version and they certainly make a difference.

Heh, I actually got the cheaper compositi reflex stirrups because I thought they were less ugly than the eoles. They’re definitely a little chunky though, but I love them anyway. And even though I don’t have any knee issues, I don’t like the hinged stirrups because they make my knees ache after a while. The compositis never cause me any issue.

I can also be quite happy with basic fillis irons with cheese grater inserts

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I actually love the MDC stirrups with the wide foot bed and the swivel top but not jointed. They were a game changer for me and the only thing I don’t get pain/numbness in my ankles/feet from. Switched to them from the Herm Springer jointed stirrups and it was night and day. I’m curious about other wider foot bed stirrups now, there are so many new options!

Edit - Just started doing some research and the FreeJump Soft Up Pro’s look really interesting. Do people ride in hunters with these? Which color? How do these compare to the Flex On Hunter stirrups? Both of these look super interesting to me. I fear though that I would miss the swivel head that my MDC stirrups offer (and that I love…).

The Free Jumps are twisted at the top so the stirrup leather lies flat against the horses side and the stirrup is perpendicular to the horse.

Stirrup leathers are in plane of photo. I removed the distracting background which may or may not have been helpful.

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Oh that is super helpful, thank you for sharing! That’s exactly the design I need!

I hate that you love the FreeJumps because I’ve had my eye on them forever but they’re so goddamn expensive