Talk me out of buying a project...

I found a super cute OTTB that’s at a low price. He’s been restarted, but took the winter off. I’ve seen a recent video, he’s super cute. A friend of mine knows the horse and says the owner is getting strapped for cash and wants the horse off her payroll.

I know I’m semi-capable. My current (and forever) horse is off the track. He had some post track rides on him but not many. He’s a lovely horse and has taught me so much regarding bringing a greener horse up to a consistent, fun ride.

I’ve been hit with the “project” bug. I don’t want to make money, don’t even care if I break even - just looking for a new challenge. I have enough dispensable income that I’m not worried about having two on my horse budget.

I think I need to be talked out of this… husband and I are trying to have a baby and it’s just not happening. I feel like I’m looking for a project to keep me busy. Is this a terrible idea? You can tell me it’s a bad idea :smiley:

When did you decide to take on a project horse. Did you regret it?

You do realize you’re on a forum full of enablers right?


You see right through me :smiley:

My project gets delivered next weekend…

”No don’t buy the horse”

Did that work?


Tell me about your project! Maybe I’ll just live vicariously through you :wink:

Buy the horse, that guarantees you will get pregnant 😊


Well maybe he’ll stay!

I was looking for something to do Western Dressage on, to compete this year.

Saw this guy and for some reason liked him, but chatting to his trainer and mine, decided that he was just to green. Then suddenly, boom, no shows of any importance this year…I see his ad again, I went, I saw, I fell in love. Either he will be my ride for next year, in fact probably will be my ride next year, then we’ll see. He’s one of those, something about him, dudes:D





look at how kind is face is in those pictures! I’m going out on a limb and saying QH, right? How did you feel going for a test ride among all this covid chaos? I’m in Ontario as well and feel odd going out for a test ride.

We have two projects right now. There can be serious ups and downs. It is great when things go well, but other times it is not pretty. Some days it is not even fun. Sometimes there are serious challenges.

You may also want to consider whether project horse and potential pregnancy mix, because that can be quite a while when you cannot ride. Or might just not have time to commit to the horse. Or, depending on the horse, put you at risk of injury.

Maybe consider a different distraction, or why you need a distraction at all.

Not lecturing. Following the directions that say to talk you out of it.


I have bought three projects in the last 10 years. The first one died in a tragic turnout accident. The second one had a terrible colic episode and died. The third one was talented, but had a squirrely mind, scared the living crap out of me, kicked me so hard my whole outer thigh turned black, wound up with a cowboy for 45 days, and is now a solid citizen whom I’m selling for a small profit.

It’s been a “new challenge,” alright. Hard, scary, painful, humbling, frustrating, etc. But you know what? I’d do it again. I learned so much. (Horse people are farking nuts, aren’t we?)

Just make sure you have a good trainer. You’ll need him/her.

And post the video for us! We want to see the cute project horse!


just saying this idea does NOT ‘read’ as being the correct one at the correct time for you and your husband and thus your life ”¢
sorry to rain on this ‘parade’


True that for everyone of us as of today.

No one knows where they will be tomorrow.
Maybe sick with this virus and if so, how will that alter their and their family’'s lives?

Maybe their job will fall thru or not, the economy may get going again.
Or may falter and if falter, how will that impact what we can do?

A change in family like a pregnancy and new baby?
That definitely would be one extra factor in any lives today.

Adding a new horse project in the midst of that?

No one can answer how that may work, not even the one considering doing that.

I would suggest flipping a coin for an answer.
That would be as good as anyone’s guess.


Just make sure you have your Plans A, B, and C in order, then go for it if you want! What’s your plan if you don’t get pregnant this year (including, in general, how will you ride two and having a great trainer lined up to help you). What’s your plan if you get pregnant the month after you buy the project? Can you afford to keep it going with the trainer, or have a great place turn it out to sit indefinitely? What if it takes you 2 or 5 years to get back in the saddle with any regularity?


Yeah, that face, seems I am a sucker for a pretty face! Would I have bought him if plain bay, oh yes. Chestnut with some chrome, would have paid double!

I felt OK going, he was at a barn that has shut down any outside activities, not sure if boarders are still going, I didn’t ask.

We kept our distance from each other, I took my own saddle, wore gloves to ride, sanitized hands with the stuff I keep in my car when done. Was it risky? Mmmmm maybe, but I think picking up mail might be worse, need to go food shopping in a day or two, riskiest thing I do.

Mind you I live in SK, very low population density, our area has had no reported cases.

If I was looking for a project and TTC, I would go for something with a dead quiet temperament you can teach some new skills, not a young OTTB.

What does your husband think?

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That may be the most important question to answer first.

Lots of good questions here! One more - will you have access to your trainer during whatever COVID protocols you currently/will have in place? For my last project, I had regular check ins with my coach, who was invaluable in making sure I stayed pointed in the right direction. If you don’t need any external guidance, maybe this is of no value to you, but I know I’d have a tricky time right now with a project as I don’t currently have any access to professional oversight.

(get the horse)

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Husband doesn’t care. We enjoy having separate hobbies (wouldn’t care about time spent extra at the barn, and I tend to go to the barn when he’s at work anyways), and keep our finances separate (wouldn’t care about the extra money being spent). He’s a great guy, and knows the part horses play in my life.

Regarding husband and buying while TTC… he’s admitted he’s starting to feel the stress of not be able able to conceive. I would like life to continue as normal, so if it happens great, but if it doesn’t then it’s not life our lives were put on hold indefinitely either.


I’d say it’s maybe not the best idea, but it’s not the worst idea I’ve heard either. :lol: Just make sure you have a contingency plan and a trainer that can help if/when you need it.