Tamarack Farm will block opinions

He publicly apologized for it. What else do you want him to do? Donate one of his farms to a tribe?

Jesus Christ, people. It was an off color, tone deaf statement, made with good intentions. When confronted with the fact that it might be offensive, he took it down and apologized. It was not, in the slightest bit, racist.


well I wasn’t replying to you but my point was if you post something offensive, it doesn’t change someones ideas about that just because they delete it.

No need to go all JC shouting


It’s the quick THAT’S RACIST junk that is going to make people completely tune out the sentiment. How about a little bit more credit for the guy, who despite his arrogance, managed to write a lengthy apology to what may have been an offensive statement to natives?


not sure why you are directing the anger at me…I never called him a racist. I was sharing what was happening with him on social media :roll_eyes:

I’m not giving him credit, ever. Hes an abuser, and is lower than dirt in my eyes.

Carry on.



Yep. Like I said, explaining what he was doing. You’re wasting a lot of time on a big nothing burger.

You’re over-inflating what he did. “Highly inappropriate” would not even come on the radar for what he posted. You’ve got an axe to grind with him, for whatever reason, and are making stuff up.

Again, I worked directly with the man and have my qualms with him. He’s not what he presents on the Book Of The Faces. But what you’re saying is not true. He’s got lots of faults to nail him on fair and square, why make stuff up?


Funny, because a lot of people did find it highly inappropriate. You can disagree if you like. I was literally sharing what I saw on social media as a response to his post.

Making things up? I have not made a single thing up. I have no axe to grind, I was replying to the thread and somehow you have determined yourself to be the DE police. Enough already.


And you the Denny Basher Hater Extraordinaire. Enough already.

The man is a total jagoff. But what happened in response to that post he made exemplified how society is going to fail.


Ah I see you’re the decency police…hahaha

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Well that went sideways real fast.


Yes and we already have a houseguest! :grimacing:


Ru roh, someone’s mad they got called out on their stallion thread! Wee woo wee woo police here!

Why so aggressive? I think your point has been clearly made, multiple times. :neutral_face:


I know nothing about the man, I do seem to get generalized statements about riding on my FB page.

Knowing that he is 80 puts things in a very different light for me. Absolutely people of that age get disinhibited; all are having physical decline, and most are having at least mild cognitive decline from their prime years. Sad but true. Add this to virtually all horse pros have had multiple TBI.

I also think that anyone running a personal promo or business page is well within their rights to block any comments that don’t fit their marketing strategy. They aren’t running an open discussion forum on a topic. They are promoting themselves. Even our local “Horse and Tack Classified” FB groups shut down actual debate fast.

Can a personal promo or business page be a misleading guide to the reality? Absolutely! Indeed, I’d say that is the whole point of a business page! It’s meant to be advertising! That’s how social media works.

I dont know what DE is said to have done. Unless it is something hits Safe Sport, I’m not going to get too worried about what happens on the advertising page of a farm belonging to an aging coach emeritus.


Well, since Vanya followed me here from another thread in the breeding forum, I felt like I should laugh a little at her expense. :wink:

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