Temperature changes

Just a vent I guess. It’s been unseasonably warm for several days and it’s coming to a screeching halt tonight.

It’s almost 60 degrees right now and by 3 am they’re calling for snow, wind gusts up to 45 mph and temps in the twenties.

A friend of mine calls it blanket angst when we have trouble deciding and it’s in full force. Lol

I don’t like these big changes.


Are you in Virginia? That’s the same dilemma we faced this afternoon. Our horses are inside (big boarding barn) so we decided to leave them naked tonight and close the barn doors, and put heavy blankets on in the morning. It’s miserable, because it was so humid this afternoon that everything was just damp, including the horses. Hoping that the closed doors and the body heat of 30 horses will keep everyone warm enough until they get blankets in the morning.

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No, western NC.

Yeah, the horses are damp and it’s supposed to start raining before the temperatures drop.

Sounds like yours will be in good shape. 30 horses will probably generate plenty of heat.

I’m going to turn ours out. The fat ones may get a break from the muzzle but go naked. Fjord and New Forest Pony.

If I need too I’ll leave them in tomorrow morning for a couple hours. Our stalls are small and the old mare is very averse to her stall so I don’t do it unless I have to. They have shelters though.

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I’m in Maryland but we are experiencing the same weather system. It was in the 60s today. The spring peepers were peeping. I saw honey bees. The weather system is supposed to blow in over night with temps remaining below freezing tomorrow and as much as 18” of snow!!! (That’s the high end prediction, I’ve heard everything from 4”-18” for my area)


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I don’t have a horse now but I sympathize with those of you who do. I always worried about big weather changes. Besides the blanketing, my horse was prone to colic and temperature changes (warm to cold) made it more likely that he might colic.


Ugh, my 30 year old was lying down groaning at 8:30 pm last night after the unseasonably warm and humid weather ahead of this storm front. OF COURSE on a holiday when the vet is closed. (I’m an hour from a university vet hospital but at his age I would not do colic surgery.) Luckily he’s fine now after some banamine paste and extra water in his soaked pellets. It was mild as these things go. Not a fan of this weird weather.


I’m in WV and this weather sucks. Mine are inside, clean and dried, I blow dried them.

I’ll put mediums on around midnight and probably change to a heavy depending on how cold and wind gust.

I did give extra alfalfa and lots of soupy feed at dinner to keep hydrate. I’ll probably offer hot water when I go blanket.


Holy smokes, I hope you’re in the low end of that forecast!

Thanks. The ground is so warm I have a hard time believing we will see even the low end. We don’t get a lot of snow around here period.

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I hope your old guy keeps doing good. Winter is awfully tough on some and these temperature changes are especially hard on the seniors.


Sounds like they are ready and will probably be toastier than you in the morning. :wink:

In going to come out earlier than usual but they’ll be ok.

Yup. It was 80 today and expected to be 34 at dawn. Fun.


Southern Middle Tennessee here. It was 75 yesterday. 51 today, 35 with a feels like of 24 and pouring rain as I write this.

SMe situation with damp horses from the humidity. Mine come in at night. I close doors and windows according to what I think the weather will be thru the night. Tonight, Inleft one big door open “cat width” so the cats can get in the barn.

I don’t clip anyone so they won’t get blanketed for turnout unless it’s under 45 degrees and the rain is sheeting sideways. They can both get in the barn if they want to, which they do frequently. Mine are 26 & 27 - they’re done proving anything to anyone, they would rather be comfortable given the chance😀


Yes, what a weird winter it’s been so far. It’s been so warm. I haven’t even bothered pulling out the really warm jackets or blankets yet. Looks like next week that’s going to change.

They are predicting snow here too (NOVA) but it was so warm today I can’t imagine it’s going to stick. I’m more concerned it’s going to be a slushy mix that will chill everyone tomorrow in turnout.

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It’s very black and white for me LOL

Blankets (not sheets) went on around 5pm when it was still almost 60", but cloudy, windy, and on/off sprinkling. Lots of hay is out, including at the far end of the pasture where the wind is cut a bit, and I know they will be comfortable (not exactly happy, but not cold) until I bring them in for breakfast even if they have to (horrors) endure a couple hours of light snow in the early morning hours.


I overthink everything. Will they get too hot and start sweating? Are they better off too warm or too chilly?

Weather isnt supposed to get cold til 3 am, so fjord would roast before then.

That was part of the thoughts that ran through my mind before I left. I don’t know why I’ve become so indecisive.


72 this morning here and 35 (and windy!) now. Everyone’s feed is getting extra watered down.


I hear you guys. We were in the 80s and humid for two days. Absolutely disgusting weather. The flies were hatching, stretching and looking around like, “Allllllright! We’re back!” Down to the 50s last night and 40s tonight. It’s a good day for a bran mash…


Whellll - after being 75(F) in my area on Saturday, areas of my county woke up to ten inches of snow, on top of ice, this morning. There’s a good six inches at my place.

It is currently 28(F) with a Feels Like of 16(F).

We are on top of a hill. Our 1-1/2 lane road ices over pretty quick. DH left early for work. It’s only four miles to the state highway but, days like this, it could seem like forty, lol

On his way out, he opened the barn doors a little bit, and threw the horses some fresh hay, on top of what they were already quietly munching. When the horses are happy, mama’s happy​:+1::+1:


Fall temperatures went on and on and on, until a couple of day ago. Today it’s due to get up to high 30s and i’m sure it will feel warm after the past two nights. This is the first time i’ve every blanketed a horse of mine. Two 20yr old mares have worn theirs for going on 48hrs. But when it gets up to 38 today i’m going to take off blankets since it’s only getting down to 23 tonight. My fear is mostly that their coats won’t have time to loft back up in time for night? This whole blanket thing is so confusing…

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