The Cicada Struggle

My dog never hangs out in the yard unless it’s the perfect 80 degree, sunny day and then it’s just to sunbathe on the back stoop. Her normal routine is to wake up around 9:00, go out then, again in the afternoon and before bed. She tucks herself in for the night the minute it gets dark so the last time out is usually forced. So are times when it’s barely drizzling, cloudy, windy and I can count on one hand how many times she’s woken me up to go out in 9 years.

Well, all that’s changed in the last week because of Cicada snacking. On nice days I’ll leave the sliding door open so she can come and go but she never really took advantage of it. Now she won’t come back in. Rather than sleeping until 9:00 (or later when she thinks it might be yucky out), I’ve been getting nose poked at 6:00 AM for three days now and she asks to be let out twice more after dark. She cannot stop thinking about them. LOL


We’re in Maryland and just - ugh! My dog discovered she can snack and do her business at the same time, which is both impressive and horrifying. Today I had to physically go out into the yard and carry her back inside. I’m ready for them to be gone.


My dog seems to have missed the memo that they’re edible, for which I’m very grateful.

Instead- she traps them between her paws and washes them with her tongue, the way a cat washes kittens.

It is bizarre.

She is very unique.


:joy: and :nauseated_face:

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The internet is awash with recipes for cicadas…fried, roasted, chocolate covered, grilled. Knock yourselves out, people.

Some of the intrepid insect-eaters have posted their follow-up opinions on eating cicadas; not a few of them threw up after a burst of warm bug guts coated their tongues. Another writer for the Atlantic was put off after finding a leg still in her mouth after eating one.

They haven’t popped yet here in Middle TN, which is very odd! My Malinois is going to have a field day (or more). He chases water, haha.

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My dog has either gotten her fill or depleted the source in our tiny back yard. Yesterday a live one got in the house and I had to encourage her to dispatch it. She never never really chased or pounced on them, just waited for one to crawl out of the ground or drop from the sky. :roll_eyes:

I was with my daughter at an outdoor cafe this week and a couple people from the local vet were talking about treating a dog with Cicada induced stomach issues as they walked by. LOL

Cicada causes car wreck. This sounds like one of those ads for whatever insurance company that is that talks about their odd claims.