Tips for Purchasing a Horse out of State and Shipping

I have joined the Horse Transport Connect page and checked with the 2 haulers you recommended. Neither travels the route I need, but their FB pages have helpful info.

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Yes, the horse will need a health certificate issued within a certain number of days to cross state lines, as well as a negative Coggins test. Your vet can probably advise on the timing and anything else that may be required. For example if there is an outbreak of some disease, the other states sometimes require an extra statement that the horse is not showing signs / hasn’t been exposed.

Use a reputable transporter, who has a DOT number and is licensed and insured for interstate commerce.

If the shipping contract is a single page and says things like “horse owner accepts all liability for anything that happens during the trip” and “horse owner will pay for any damage to equipment before horse is unloaded” then run in the other direction.


210 miles.

Small town (Westcliffe) is about 1.5 hours southwest of Colorado Springs.

Thank you - great information.

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I took a crazy risk buying sight unseen from a breeder and having the horse shipped to me. I bought based on videos, and the owner seemed genuine/truthful when we discussed the horse. The seller paid for coggins and the health certificate. I didn’t even do a prepurchase exam, but for a young unstarted horse, I was willing to take that risk.

So far I’ve been very pleased. She is your typical young horse, and the big investment will be training and my time working with her.


Oh well, that’s a long haul.

I am wishing you the best of luck. You deserve good things to come your way after all you’ve been through, and the responsible manner in which you handled a terrible situation.


Glad it worked out for you and I am encouraged by your story. Thank you for sharing.

I am coming out a sad situation. Lost my first horse after owning him for only 17 months. Our story is on this forum. I am trying to do all I can to ensure my next horse is healthy and has a good mind. I know there are no guarantees.

I will need to go and check this one out to make sure he is right for me. He is young and I know his whole history I think those are positives. He is not inexpensive (to me) and I am really trying to make a wise purchase.


You are so kind. Thank you. I am trying hard to find a perfect for me horse that is healthy, sane and sound :blush:.
You don’t know any horse people in southern Colorado do you? Sure would be nice to have someone to look at him with me.

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Here is what the OP has been through;Neurological Issue? Need Help. Gelding with strange behavior that no one has seen

@TXKing99 I don’t personally know anyone horsey in that area, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any there. We do have some well connected COTH people though.


I may post the question on the Jasper thread. Maybe someone who followed our story knows someone there.

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That’s a great idea. I was trying to figure out how to send out word to some of our well connected members and that is a better idea than I have been able to come up with. :+1:

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