Tow vehicle - truck newbie needs insight

I’m seeing lots of good stuff here from people who sound a bit more knowledgeable than me, so I won’t add more to the right truck \ right trailer combo question.

However since the OP didn’t say mention the fuel and did admit to being newbie … I’ll chime in with having had to learn some REALLY expensive lessons this last year with being my first winter with a diesel as my only transportation. First off I knew nothing about needing to change fuel filters at all, let alone how frequently. Secondly I had no clue how important choice of diesel vendor was. Thirdly I learned that “additives” are pretty much a requirement with diesel. I ended up spending more on repairs than I would have if I had just kept the small honda civic I sold. So I"m not steering you away from diesel at all, just be aware that you might have a learning curve with that if it’s your choice.

Current generation diesels also require DEF for emissions control. It’s available by the gallon from retailers and at the pump from truck stops, etc.

Thanks everyone.

Ladymcts, the truck I am looking at is gas. I am not getting rid of my day to day car, so I didn’t want/need to get diesel. All great points I did not know though!

DHcarrotfeeder - I’ll send you a PM with my email. Thx!

So it turns out the used trailer (basically everything I wanted) I was eyeballing is now up for grabs too. Yikes - I feel a little in over my head. Printing out a checklist, but we will see what happens. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to everyone, got the truck Monday and brought the trailer home today! :slight_smile: