Traveling with pets

We made it just fine! it was a tight squeeze in the backseat–I fit in two crates and the dog back there, but they all rode great. Even the cats mostly just slept. I had a friend ride along and we stopped often to walk the dog. Everyone was well behaved at the hotel overnight–the cats slept on my bed and the dog had hers in the room as well. My horse made the trip separately and also traveled great–I was worried about his age and the heat but he came through fine!


Great news ! Enjoy your new location !

I was coming to ask about traveling with my cat. Has anyone done a long trip with their cat in the “cat duffel” thing I saw on Facebook? I ordered one and it arrived today. Before I undertake the 700 mile move I’d love to hear any experiences. My cat yowls all the way to and from the vet in his carrier. Anyone have a cat like that, that did better in a dog kennel for a long trip? I think we’ll be in my Tundra with the horse trailer, then I’ll have the option to put him in the trailer if the noise is unbearable. I see someone above did that.

We made the trip a week ago! My vet trip in his “duffel” was quieter than usual, especially on the way home. For the long trip, though, I was concerned about him needing the litter box. I made a small litter box that took up about half of a carrier, then was worried the other half wasn’t enough room. The carrier with litter box went on the back seat floor and I left space for the cat on the back seat as well. Then I had to remember to leave room for the cat to get into the carrier–in retrospect one of the top-entry litter boxes would have been great, I likely could have rigged something to contain kitty. He was quiet after an hour or 2 on the road, the second day he spent a lot of time in the carrier.
Ironically, my 2 pet carriers were the same size, but one had a top gate as well–this was perfect for my dog who was a bit tall for the carrier. He sat, stood, and laid down throughout the trip. Not having him loose meant I could pack more things around the carrier, even behind the open top gate which I tied open. I feel like I could write a book on moving with pets now!

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I am about to be traveling 1800 miles with two older cats from TX. I’m really dreading being stuck in the truck cab (hauling horses) with the “lovely” litter box aromatics! I afraid that the trailer LQ will be too hot in the summer, so am finding the flight nanny thing very interesting : )

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We just moved cross country with four house cats and one barn cat.

Lessons learned:
Fit all five solid crates in my truck, plus two dogs. I stacked two crates and put the shyest cat on bottom.

Made reservations at pet friendly hotels and two cats were allowed inside. The rest had to be boarded overnight.

The overnight stops gave the cats a chance to use the litter box and eat. Too long in the crate meant accidents.

Carried white vinegar and paper towels in case of accidents and for cleaning up around the litter box at the hotel.

Used pee pads in the crates in case of accidents.

Started kitties in the hotel bathroom until they used the litter box, then let them explore the room.

Pet friendly rooms frequently had spaces under the beds where scared kitties could wiggle under. We found them before releasing the kitties and stuffed extra pillows in to plug them up.

Snuggling with us at night helped the kitties cope with the trip.

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