What front boots are the best bubble wrap?

I stopped icing him pre-ride and he’s doing great! Since these are the VenTECH model of boot I still don’t have an issue with heat as other have mentioned with Professional choice boots, likely because this is the model that has ventilated perforations to address the heat issue.

So, since there isn’t a side effect of heat, I don’t see any reason not to use them. They may not have worked for others, and if may be a placebo effect, fluke, anomaly, etc… but this specific model seems to be doing the trick for my guy. Maybe he just likes the way they feel on him?

I used Iconoclast boots for soft tissue problems. It is the only boot that is made to support the soft tissue both from outside to inside AND from inside to outside.

If they sound interesting, call the man in Texas who invented them.

I did return mine since they are meant for riding, not for turnout — and Goober has a big overstep, so he ripped them. But that is good news/bad news. Because they are thin enough to tear when gouged with a hind foot, they are also light enough to be cool.