What to do for foundered horse with metabolic issues in the winter?

[QUOTE=Alberta Horse Girl;7163901]I swear I am about to blow an effing gasket. Just went over to feed my dry lotted mares, one of which is foundered and metabolic, and has been lame for most of the year and found that someone had let them onto the grass WITHOUT my permission.
Foundered mare now has heat in her hooves. GREAT.
I am moving her, even if I have to move her into my goddamn yard.[/QUOTE]

I’m so sorry! Katy is right; boarding “special needs” horses can be a huge PITA.
I hope you can find a better situation!!!

I live just south of Calgary and I fed my 2 warmbloods soaked alfalfa Tim cubes all last winter so it can be done but it is a huge pain. I have them at home which helps. I just fed out soaked cubes 3-4 times a day as much as I thought they would eat. They did eventually freeze but it took a while and the horses kept a good weight all winter. You can def find low sugar hay if you look hard enough. I just ordered some for the winter. Maybe you could find a farmer with low sugar hay that will store it for you?