Wi fi at my little barn

Here is a tangentially related situation–please advise if anyone knows how to make this work–if indicated, I can start a new thread rather than posting here but someone who just wants to listen to streaming audio at the barn might find useful any possible solution:

I’d like to extend the range of these wireless radio frequency headphones:

Sony wireless RF headphones with transmitter

The transmitter plugs into the audio jack on your computer, then sends audio to the headphones, via radio frequency, up to ~150 ft away. I begin streaming on the computer in the house, then wear the headphones while outside. I’d like to extend the range, another 100-200’. Is there a way to do so with just a RF range extender or booster? That way, there’s no need to have a computer in the barn.

The description says "Frequency Response - 10 Hz-22,000 Hz , Impedance - 32 ohm. "


yes there is power at the barn. the ‘ethernet’ idea may or may not work power company put new board up with meters whhen barn was wired. so barn has its own circuit box and house has its own—all on one bill and operate together however

are they fed from the same transformer? in the old days of the 1980s I used some of the GE electrical switches that talked to each other through the wiring…then at least as long as the same power transformer was being used, the system could talk with each other (this was how I able to control a system across a six lane street without having to actually hardware direct connect to it)

yes same transformer…

Netgear have a reasonably priced solution; https://www.netgear.com/home/wired/powerline/plw1010/

I bought a set of Netgear powerline adapters, thinking they were the solution. Unfortunately after the purchase I found that the wiring to my barn from the house ran through a sub-panel and the signal was not able to make that jump from house wiring to barn wiring.

They work great anywhere in my house, though. It was my fault for failing to do enough research before I bought.

need to update! while its not my first choice (security and simplicity reasons) have been able to use smart phone with unlimited data on a USB to laptop making a ‘hotspot’ I guess. Somewhat less speedy, and Ill bet in a rainstorm spotty but Ive used it about 3 times so far!!!

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