Winter Boot Vent!

I have had a pair of Dublin Turndowns for yrs, now I cannot find anything like them!!! I want fleece lined, but not where there is a fleece cuff on the outside of the knee to get gross n dirty. I want pull on, no zippers or ties, and I do not want to spend 300 or 400 dollars ughh!!! I found a pair on ebay but they are a half size too small, I seriously could cry!!

Ariat Langdale and Windermere are as close as I can find to what you’re looking for, although neither has fur lining.

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I know its soooo disapointing!!!

Their site says they ship internationally. This version does have fur lining.

Ive been looking at those :)! Ty!

The website says 3/4 fur lining, which probably means your actual foot isn’t insulated. I wouldn’t buy a winter boot that didn’t cover my toes!