Would you report it or approach the person?

Whooo boy, you have way more self control than I do. I’m angry just reading that!

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Yikes OP! Poor mare, glad to hear she’s doing better. That neighbor has a HomeDepot worth of loose screws. Wishing you a speedy recovery with the broken arm and happy moving.


Yeah that’s theft and I would’ve pressed charges just to make a point. I hope that’s what you mean about the police not being so nice?
What a loon.

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Same, trespass and theft? Damn betcha.

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Yep she’s been charged with trespassing and theft.

I hooked the electric fence up to the top wire of the boundary fence. That sucker is so hot it could be a defibrillator. Put the electric fence signs up so she had no excuses.

Woke up at 5am to her shrieking and screaming. When I looked out she was running back to the house. Then she was screaming at something for another half an hour.

4 more months. Hopefully only 4 more months until I’m out.


This isn’t necessarily true.

Different states and localities have different law/ordinances that cover what is or isn’t animal abuse or neglect.

Normally LE cannot come on someone’s property for an inspection until they have actually observed the abuse or neglect. It’s very difficult when the abuse or neglect is reported by someone.

Often in the US, working with a rescue is a good option as LE has to respect your Fourth Amendment right prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure. A private organization isn’t bound by the same limitation. Often, it isn’t that LE won’t, but that they can’t.

Serves her right


Bunnings, mate. Aussie nutters have “a Bunnings-worth of loose screws”. Or “the onion has fallen off the Bunnings snag”. “Wouldn’t know sense if they sold it at Bunnings on a slice of bread”.

When we were in “limited essential travel only” mode last year… the Bunnings carpark was overflowing. Nobody went grocery shopping, they all went to Bunnings!

Had to edit out some swearing!