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10 bags of ANY Pennfields Feed

10 Bags of Any Pennfields feed donated by Eventing-blog.com

$50 Bid
(item, if won, will be donated to the rescue of my choice)


How will we get this? Coupon? Delivery? Magic?

Feed pick up

As is right now - unless there is a donation made directly by Pennfield Feeds (which is in the works) - Eventing-blog will pay for it at your local dealer and you can pick it up once your donation has been received to the Kim and Kelly Fund

I bid $105.00

bid $110.00


Hope this is OK to post…

If Pennfield’s kindly adds to Kim’s fund by providing the feed, I will donate the difference from the cost of my original offer to the fund. So, your bid may be worth more than 10 bags of Pennfield’s to Kim’s fund. As Ruthie says, we will arrange payment to your local feed store.

Keep bidding!



$180…my ponies are very hungry monsters, can’t resist!


Ruthie and/or Margie: Any idea if Pennfield is going to contribute? When might you know the final number of bags this might be for? I’d love to purchase my feed thru this auction and have the money go to a good cause instead of the feed store, but I really cannot afford to pay much over retail price, which we have already exceed for 10 bags…but say 15 or 20 bags and I’d be happy to bid more.

Ruthie - I don’t know if you ever heard anything from Pennfields, but I didn’t. I will e-mail them again tomorrow, then (hopefully) we can confirm the final amount of feed. It will certainly be no less than 10 bags, but I was hoping they might match my offer so we could make 20 bags…

That would be great, Margie. Definitely what I’m hoping for. Keep us posted. I had alot of success dialing Pennfield direct when I needed some info from them, just FYI.

$205…bidding in hopes that this is for more than 10 bags…if it’s not, atleast it’s a worth cause.