1K Klick N Go Sunglasses

Does anyone know where to buy these things? I just got a new 1K helmet and want to purchase a pair but I am having a seriously hard time finding them. The website has links to online purchases or nearby shops but none of my shops have them and the online shops are sold out!

I’m in Canada but willing to purchase and ship to me. Anyone have a pair of the gray/black pair or know where I can order them?

This must replace the beloved, no longer available retractable sun glasses they used to make. I’m on my last helmet with that and would be so thrilled if someone made something like it again.

One K are responsive on email if you ask them.


Are they not available here?

It looks like they can be added to the cart, at least. Have you tried checking out (or contacting that seller, I guess?)

This also says “in stock” here: