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1st time clinic-goer, any advice?

I’m auditing my first clinic in December and wondering what I should bring (warm clothes, notebook?), any etiquette, FYIs etc.–never been to a clinic before and have no idea what to expect.
Anyone willing to volunteer “what I wish I’d known before my first clinic”?
Thanks! :wink:

Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. And leave your phone in the car. Bring whatever cloths you need to be comfortable, bring a cushion to sit on if you’re on bleachers. Bring snacks but don’t sit at ringside and eat from a loud crinkly bag…

Lol, the bag comment made me laugh.

So I shouldn’t bring multiple plastic bags full of loud snacks and sit under a large umbrella? Lol. :wink:

Thanks for the great advice! :slight_smile:

Definitely mouth shut + ears open. There will probably be breaks in between rides, or opportunities for questions. If you’re not familiar with the venue, maybe call ask about seating. There might be bleachers, there might be chairs, you might have to bring your own chair. Don’t be disruptive. Have lots of fun!

Oh, find out if there is a fee to come and audit!

Smart to audit first, before participating.

Some clinicians are a bit too loose with their training in clinics, roughing up horses more than you may like yours to be handled, especially NH type followers.
Better scout the clinician first, before committing with your horse.

You can learn from everyone, the clinician, the riders, the horses presented, a wonderful experience all around.

I always kept a little pocket sized notebook and have many notes from different clinics, that make good references if I ever want to remember more about that.

While there, enjoy what you like and keep your peace over what you don’t.

I just attended my first clinic yesterday. I showed up with enough time to have my horse groomed and tacked up and a short warm-up. It was honestly perfect amount of time. I agree with talkofthetown, my impression was mouth shut + open ears. Even though much of when the clinician was saying or having me do was very different from my instructor, it still worked well. Many ways to skin a cat. Some of her ways worked better for me, to be honest. Oh, and at the end of the clinic, someone gave me a piece of paper with all the clinicians bits of advice from my ride. That was a nice surprise! I hope at the next clinic I will be able to stay and audit for a bit. Good luck and have fun!

The other side of the coin - as a rider, my favorite clinician ever doesn’t really like auditors because he concentrates on the rider, what the rider feels and does, and he doesn’t want to spend the rider’s time and money explaining to the auditors. He doesn’t believe that auditors can get much out of auditing his clinics (unless they have ridden with him) because they frequently misinterpret what is going on. He doesn’t let people take notes, although he will let the rider video their own rides. OTOH, a totally different clinician gives lectures at a break and answers questions from the audience. Make sure that your clinician’s style fits your goals.

And if you audit with friends PLEASE - as tempting as it might be - do NOT add your sotto voce commentary to the clinician’s teaching!

If I have paid to hear what the clinician has to say, I do not need the Peanut Gallery $.02 added.