2 Horse Slant

I just bought a two horse LQ. I was wondering if it would be safe to place him in the second stall and use the first for storage? Would the weight of the front part of the LQ off set the weight from him in the second compartment?

You should be able to transport your horse in the back slant with no problem. Do make sure the items stored in the first slant are secure and won’t slide under your horse.

Thanks! It has a stud divider

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I do this all the time with my three horse slant for shows. I have the stud divider too. Hay, wheelbarrow, grain, dog crate, whatever goes in the front stall and horses go in the back two. It’s a very versatile space. We put our drink coolers and extra stuff there while we’re at the show so it’s out of the living quarters space. (There’s just not much room with two 100lbs dogs and two people!)
I have hauled with just my very large 18hh (1700lbs+) guy in the last stall in my trailer so he is behind the wheels. Yes he does off set quite a bit of weight for my living quarters trailer. Since he is behind the trailer tires the rear of the trailer does wiggle now and then. It’s not excessive because it’s a gooseneck, but definitely noticeable. Although anything he does in there is noticeable :rofl:

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I’m sure you’ll be ok, but technically no, you should not do this. The majority of the weight should be over or in front of the axles of the trailer, which is the first stall.

That said, LOTS of people haul in the second stall.