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2 Ring Universal Bit in Hunters?

Can you use a 2 Ring Universal in hunter jumpers? I’ve looked everywhere and maybe I’m just dumb or blind but i can’t find an answer. At one point I thought it counted as a hunter gag but now I’m just not sure. I really want to start out with my new horse in hunters but right now the universal is the only thing he seems to go comfortably in.

You can use a two ring gag bit in jumpers.

It would probably be illegal in USEF sanctioned hunters or a show that follows USEF rules. Hunter bit rules are different in Equine Canada.

I ‘think’ what USEF refers to as a ‘hunter gag’ might be a Myler type Dee ring bit with hooks.


Anything with two rings would probably be considered either unconventional or against the USEF rules for hunters. Do you have a picture of the bit? Or a link?

And welcome to the BB! :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely not legal in Canada for hunters - all gag bits are illegal under EC rules.

I believe this bit is not legal for USEF hunters. You mention it’s the only thing hes comfortable in - is it the leverage that is most helpful? A Pelham with the same mouthpiece may be your best substitute.

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Even if it is legal… I wouldn’t do it lol. Too unconventional.

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Have you tried a Myler with hooks? They have pseudo gag action and Universals have gag action depending on how you set it up. Maybe it the action would be close enough that he’d be comfortable in something like that? The Mylers with hooks are a little easier to get away with

Why would someone go through the effort and expense to compete in a USEF sanctioned show in the hunters and then choose a known unconventional bit that might be penalized by a judge?

With fixed rein slots and a curb chain Myler gag bits are pretty obvious. Judges certainly do notice.

A short shank Pelham with loads of choices of different mouthpieces is conventional. Same with full cheek bits with keepers.


Yes for clarification I’m not saying that they’ll be completely fine if they compete with a Myler with hooks. Just brought it up because in my area, they’re more accepted in the hunter ring than a Universal is. However, this is totally dependent on your area & judges/shows! Pelhams are great but they don’t have the gag action that the Universal has so it’s a different feel than a Universal or Myler with hooks

Depends if you are showing in USEF sanctioned shows or one that follows those rules? A two or three ring gag bit is illegal and will result in the entry getting the boot. No score. A hunter gag aka Myler Dee ring with hooks and chain chinstrap is unconventional and its up to the judges discretion as to whether they will penalize and how much. Nothing to do with area or region as the same rules apply.

Perhaps, you are thinking of AQHA or APHA shows which have different rules? Or open shows that don’t follow USEF guidelines?

Even a Myler with hooks and no chain is pretty easy to spot if you’re paying attantion and would probably still be considered unconventional for hunters an equitation. You might be able to get away with it at an unrated show, especially in lower classes.

I was assuming we were just talking about open/low level classes, not a ton of bigger rated shows in my area honestly, more event riders than hunters. I definitely agree, you probably couldn’t get away with it in a sanctioned shows.

Def not legal for the hunters at USEF events. You will get eliminated. The Myler with hooks is unconventional but that just means you may or may not get marked down.

When judging schooling shows, I am encouraged to follow USEF rules too, fyi