2 year old Andalusia filly is 15.3 - good height prediction?

Hey Guys! I’m new and this is my first forum post, so forgive any mistakes! (and please direct me to the correct forum if I’m in the wrong one. I haven’t had a chance to explore too much.)

have a 2 year old Andalusian filly (turned 2 on April 1 of 2018) and I just sticked her at 15.3 ½ …(yes that 1/2 " is super important! Lol!), and I’m wondering at what a good guestimate of her end size would be? Her dam is 16.3 and Sire is 16.2 I believe. I’d love her to reach a solid 16.2+! She string tested between 16.3hh and 17hh, but she’s my first Andalusian and first super young horse I’ve ever had (bought her when she was 6 mos old).

Any input would be welcome!

Thank you!
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Those are some taller Andalusians for sure. What’s her breeding?

Mine are all under 15.3 but I wouldn’t complain if they were taller. I’d be surprised to see a 17hh Andalusian. I know some people are breeding them taller, but wow.

I’d guesstimate 16.2-16.3 if your facts are correct.

@CanteringCarrot Hi! Thank you for your response! She’s definitely a leggy thing, that’s for sure. I’ve attached a PDF of her breeding. [ATTACH]n10190146[/ATTACH] I know the breeder that has her sire breeds bigger Andalusians; most of her stock ends up 15.3 - 16.3.

When do Andalusians typically reach full growth maturity? Everything I’ve researched says around 5-7 years old - typical for the stockier, more baroque breeds. But again, my direct experience with the breed is limited. I love to hear input/advice from others! Thank you!

Paloma Pedigree.pdf (156 KB)