2004 Trail-et Baron

Any one have or know anything about Trail-et’s Baron model? I’ve seen some good reviews here on Trail-et and there is a used 2004 Baron I found a few hours from me. Ive been trying to find how much it weighs? The owner thought 3000 but the sticker is rubbed off. She asked the dealer who sold it to her in 2004 and they said 3300 to 3500. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

My Trail-et New Yorker weighs 3400 lbs, and it has a dressing room. I would guess the Baron would not be more than 3000, but it should give the weight on the title.

I sold mine and bought a New Yorker–which bigger and noticeably heavier than the Baron was, if that helps, combined with the info above.

Nice trailer :slight_smile: Buy it… in some ways I wish I’d kept mine, I could have towed it with a smaller truck. But mine was getting very old.

I had a 1987 Baron. Upgraded to a 1996 (still old, I know, but in nearly new condition) New Yorker. The New Yorker weighs about 3500 pounds. It is noticeably heavier than the Baron. I think the Baron weighed around 2700 pounds, if I recall correctly. Both fabulous trailers. Even though it was nearly 30 years old, there was nothing wrong with my Baron at all. I just wanted a dressing room. I regularly hauled 300+ miles round trip with it to events. I wouldn’t have hesitated to haul a longer distance with it, either.