2018 F150 Opinions + Tow Vehicle Upgrades

Looking at a 2018 F150 Lariat with Tow Package (3.5L engine, 4wd) - any mechanical or other issues to be on the look out for? Vehicle has ~86,000 miles on it.

Also curious about any tow vehicle upgrades I should be looking into. I am primarily concerned with a smooth, stable ride. I’ve read about adding in Sumo Springs or RAS to improve the ride when towing (improved cornering being the biggest draw for me), same with Bilstein shocks. Most of what I’ve read is for travel trailers/ campers, though.

My trailer is a Brenderup Baron so certainly not a weight issue. I am looking at cushion hitches like the Shocker Hitch as well.

is that an Ecoboost engine?


since that is a turbocharged engine unless there are verifiable maintenance records of oil changes on timely manors be aware

Since the Ecoboost is a turbocharged engine, it is even more imperative to maintain due to the stress that the oil is consistently under. If maintenance is not kept up, the timing chain can wear out prematurely, along with the chain tensioner and pulleys.


I had Timbrens put on mine:


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I also have Timbrens. Peace of mind, though I’ve not felt them engage yet.

Obviously make sure that everything is in order, well maintained, etc. Luckily Ford F150s are one of the most common vehicles out there so maintenance and parts are easier to find than some.

We upgraded the springs (replaced and added another leaf to the stock setup), replaced the transmission coolant system, got a WD hitch (Equalizer - has actual sway bars. HIGHLY recommend for a BP), and got new beefy tires. These are upgrades I’d probably do to almost any used truck, however.