2021 Farrier Costs

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Wanted input from fellow equestrians on what they’re paying these days for the farrier. Obviously, it can vary widely based on what you’re having done - but I’ve used the same farrier for over a decade and have no idea if the constantly increasing prices are a reflection of the industry as a whole or if he’s subtly trying to wind down the business and hoping clients will start looking elsewhere.

Could you share what you have done (trim, front steel, all four aluminum, crazy pads, etc), where you are in the world, and what you’re currently paying? I know everything continues to go up around the world, but I feel like I’m spending more in farrier costs these days than I spend feeding my horses.


$120 every six weeks on two horses.

$80 for front steel shoes and rear trims
$40 for full trim (barefoot)

Mid-Missouri. Farrier is relatively inexpensive and does more of the trail horses rather than sport horses. (However, he still does continuing education every year, was recommended by my vet, and my horse’s feet and angles have never looked better.) I expected a price increase this year but have not gotten one thus far.

Prior farrier was $120 for front shoes on one horse before I got second horse and is a well-used sport horse farrier in the area.


Spending more in farrier costs than feeding sounds about right here (Area 1, USA, Massachusetts). Costs me about ~$200/mo to feed my most high maintenance feeder, on round bale 24/7 with alfalfa pellets + Poulin Fibremax.

My show horse is in steel shoes all around, rim pads up front. $180 per cycle. The retirees that are barefoot cost $60 a trim. The one with just front shoes is $140.

My farrier grossly undercharges. The average here is closer to $200-275 for four steel shoes. $160-180 seems to be the average for front shoes. This is provided you are using a performance farrier.

I have been waiting for the day that he ups his prices with no complaint.


Northern Calif. $195 fronts only, every 5 weeks. Assistant pulls shoes and minor rasping etc. Superior craftsmanship, knowledge, and horsemanship.


NW Washington. $35 for trims. $140 for full steel shoes, $80 for half shoes, and I believe $50 for front pads. I just do trims, so trying to remember what everyone else has done.

Super farrier, does everything from the babies to the big show barns. I feel really lucky to have him.

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Four shoes every 5 weeks $250. South FL.

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I’m in this same ballpark. $80 for trims, $160 for fronts. In CT.

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45 for trim.

90 for front steel.

120 for 4 steel.

Northwest Indiana.

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Western WA - $115 for a full set of regular steel shoes, $75 for fronts and a trim on the hinds, $135 for pads. Love my farrier, comes when he’s supposed to, calls or texts if he’s running ahead or late.

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$60 for a trim
$140 trim & reset with front shoes only (Haven’t done this for about a year, would not be surprised for this to be a littler higher)
$210 trim & reset with full set, plain steel shoes
New shoes when current shoes can’t be reset plus about $20
Rim or snow pads are $20


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You know where I am, but for everyone else: DFW, TX

Trims from farrier A who does 6 horses in the neighborhood per visit: $40
Full set of steels from farrier B who comes to my property for only one horse: $200
Full set of steels at show barn farrier C: $185

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$40 trim minis, $200 for fancy work upfront (clogs) on laminitic pony, $80 regular shoes upfront (that was last Fall) on same pony. New England.

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One farrier (basic) - $40 all around barefoot trim

The other farrier (more performance based) - $140 front steel shoes, trim behind.


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Southern Oregon: $200 for four steel shoes with clips. Perhaps on the high end for my area but wonderful farrier, worth every penny.

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Northeast Massachusetts. Both farriers I have used charged $180 for trim and set/reset shoes plus cost of shoes every 4-6 weeks depending on schedule. So last time we had worn through a pair of shoes I paid $200; the shoes he is in right now are about $10 each. Only reason I switched is because my horses are feeling more comfortable with a woman doing their feet. Not exactly sure what that’s about but I’m not arguing with them-- I wouldn’t win anyways.


Howdy neighbor – who are you using? I know someone in the area looking for female farriers.

ETA I realize that sounds creepy - she’s done with men farriers :joy:


I’ll DM you


$50 for a trim.

Plus a farm call fee.

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Northeastern MA. Trim, 4 slightly fancy shoes to improve breakover, and front “sporthorse” pads is about $250. Resetting and usually new pads is $200. Every 5 weeks. I know people in the area who pay much more, and some who pay less.


$45 ($50 with tip) for a trim on my 2 year old QH. Farrier also charges the same for trimming the drafts.

Southern California out in a rural area

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