2021: Sports Bra Redux

I searched through and while talked about previously nothing in the last couple years. Has there been any advances? New tech? Best options? No clear winners it seemed between SheFit/Title 9/Enell etc.

I’m not large size (38B) but looking to control more of the bounce than the Syrokan ones I have provide currently.

These are the best.


A poster here, @AliCat, is a professional bra fitter.
Maybe she will see this and give advice.

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I’m a fan of Freya and Panache bras. I used to use Shock Absorber, but they didn’t last long.

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Seconding the Wacoal suggestion. I love mine. Great, long lasting quality. I’m a 32D, and usually have a hard time feeling like I’m actually supported because my shoulders are petite and straps are sometimes not short enough. Never an issue with Wacoal, everything feels held down, and they’re super comfortable to boot.

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I have three in rotation. I wash them in the sink with Eucalan and hang to dry. They’ve lasted years. Best of all, no uniboob!

Just looking at the website, I had to talk myself out of buying the grape one! I really don’t need another one, do I?

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I LOVE my ShockAbsorber bras I’ve had. I’m on #3 in…8 years. I find they hold up well if you treat them well (don’t put them in the dryer and don’t wear them multiple days in a row to let the elastic rebound).

They are tricky to fit. I’m a 28E in standard bras but because ShockAbsorber line is without underwire I wear a 30DD. I also fine they take a while to break in. That being said I have had good luck with them and highly recommend them for smaller ribcaged, busty riders.

See, the OP said she was a 36B, I’m a 38B-- everyone recommends great bras (Wacoal, etc.) but when you go to their websites, very few of the bras (sometimes none) are available in anything below C cup. It is incredibly frustrating!! Or they are sold out. Still frustrating. I am in your shoes, OP-- I cannot find a bra that fits, is easy to put on/take off and holds the girls in a comfortable, tight grip and doesn’t give me uniboob. Argh!!

I am in a Brooks, I think, and I like it but it doesn’t fit great. And why are they all in bright colors? That isn’t pretty under a white show shirt!


I’ve been happy with the Natori Yogi and Freya Epic bras [at 34DD/E]. If you happen to be near a Title Nine store, they’re referred to as the Soothe and Intrepid, respectively. The Natori isn’t designed to be quite as high impact so may offer slightly smaller sizes.

ShockAbsorber ultimate running bra goes down to 30A and it has a range of cup sizes up to 38 or 40 in their band size.

Commenting to follow now that the Brooks Juno is no more.

Boy I miss that bra, but only the Moving Comfort Juno one, not the Brooks iteration. It was my favorite of all time.

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General comment.

I was browsing the website of a local high end lingerie shop to see if they had much in the way of sports bras. They didn’t. But they had some useful comments on fit.

In addition to band and cup size, they discussed and categorized boob shape and placement. Round, or teardrop or droopy or etc, plus wideset versus close together. Then they recommended bra styles.

I’ve never seen breast shape discussed in a systematic way before. But it makes so much sense as to why some brands fit some people better.


I can’t believe anybody likes these Wacoal’s. I just recently ordered and trialed. No way, no how. They support from the bottom but you still jiggle (impressively) on the top (try that while trotting). The underwire is very thick, looks horrible under your shirt, and is painful to the rib cage. Plus, even tho reviews said go up a size in the band (which I did), within the second wearing I was already tightening it. And shoulder straps are limited in how short they go.
Sorry…these were a hard no.


Every bra fits some but not everyone. I believe it didn’t fit you but there is no reason for you not to believe it fit me. No need for the hate.

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I tried the Shefit, it did not work for me. That’s ok! (But man, I wish I could find someone who’d liketo buy it!—wasn’t cheap!) I ordered a Champion brand bra. I’ll report back. Like wearing a size 8 shoe, the selection of A/B 36-40 bras is often very limited as they appear to be common and popular!

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I tried the Shefit also and could tell right away it didn’t fit.
I didn’t wear it any time and returned it next day.
They were happy to return the money, want satisfied customers, they were very nice.
I use two bras, the daily one and to ride add an old heavy duty Glamorise from Title 9 that hooks in front, and comes off right after getting off the last horse.
Would be fine to go on thru the day, but to save them, not sure they make more, I only use them on the horses.

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Do you think we are close enough in size? I’ve been wanting to try it…

Age plus a bit of weight gain has blessed with me more boobage than I’ve ever had. I was a pretty light B for most of my life, and while I doubt I’m a C now, I seem to have more…fullness and bounciness. Plus all my Walmart Champion bras are getting old and need to be replaced. I noticed in recent videos of me riding that there is waaaaaay more movement than I’m happy seeing while riding. I don’t physically notice it, but if I’m posting, I don’t want to see the material of my shirt above my boobs go wrinkle, flat, wrinkle, flat, wrinkle, flat, wrinkle, flat… :rofl:

ETA however it seems that when I try to branch out from regular Champion bras, other bras are too tight across the back and give me those unlovely rolls between chest band and shoulder band. You guys know what I’m talking about right? Or is it just me?? :grimacing:

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I love my Enells.

Have you tried the 38B sister size of 36C? They don’t always work but if you have problems finding sports bras in B maybe if you shift sizing you’d find more options to try.

What is a bra sister size?

Also recommend to everyone who struggles finding a comfortable bra to get a professional fitting if possible. You could be surprised in your actual size. For example, I currently wear a 34F. I think a lot of people (me included!) would think that is a giant rack, but if you asked people my cup size I think a lot would say it’s a C or D.

Totally agree with this - that’s where having a good fitter can be a godsend. They know their styles and can see how things fit and make recommendations.

Also even though that shop doesn’t have anything on their website I’d call or stop in to see if they have sports bras - mine doesn’t show sports bras on their website but they do carry them or they are also happy to order in different styles in to try.

I have a lot of breast tissue in my armpit area so finding supportive sports bras can be a literal pain. I’ve used the ShockAbsorber but couldn’t find anybody locally anymore who carries them and didn’t want to try to fit/order online (my size has changed). I just bought a Panache wired (high impact) and a Wacoal Lindsey (medium impact) from my local lingerie store who really helped me with getting a good style and fit.

There are tips/tricks when trying on/fitting a bra that make all the difference in the world - you might put something on and think “hell no” and they come in and make a few adjustments and it transforms into a super comfortable bra!